CTAL offers a variety of programs throughout the year to meet the needs of instructors at every stage of their teaching career. From graduate students entering the teaching ranks to experienced faculty fine-tuning their craft, all instructors will find participation in CTAL programs an opportunity for exploration and discovery in a collegial setting. Visit the events calendar on CTAL’s home page to view and register for upcoming programs.

Course Design Institute (CDI)

The Course Design Institute (CDI) is an intensive, multi-day event during which instructors work closely with CTAL staff to further develop their courses in line with best practices in areas like backwards design, scaffolding, and assessment of student learning. The focus of CDI shifts annually in line with center and university-wide initiatives. For example, CDI 2022 participants worked on the design and delivery of large, introductory courses at UD.

Early College Credit (ECC) Program

The Early College Credit (ECC) program is an exciting new opportunity for Delaware high school juniors and seniors to take UD courses at no cost. To best provide an authentic UD college class experience, students at participating high schools will be part of a single, integrated learning experience with current UD students. Learn more about ECC and upcoming course offerings.

Foundational Course Initiative (FCI)

In support of the University of Delaware’s goal to transform Blue Hen students’ first-year experience, CTAL partners with UD faculty to better support and engage our undergraduates. Our shared goal is to reimagine foundational courses that utilize the most effective strategies for teaching and actively engaging students in the learning process. In addition, these introductory courses are designed to teach UD students to be effective college-level learners within and beyond any course’s discipline. Visit the Foundational Course Initiative webpage to learn more about this multi-year program and the faculty participating in it.

Professional Learning Community (PLC)

Spring 2023: Documenting Engaged Teaching

This professional learning community (PLC) brings together early and mid-career instructors to develop practices that support effective documentation of engaged teaching. Designed to be a complimentary effort to faculty-led conversations about the standards of teaching excellence, this PLC will produce artifacts that can be shared widely with our community. For more information about PLC outcomes, time commitments, and compensation and recognition, please click here.

Program Educational Goals and Learning Assessment

Program Educational Goal (PEG) and Program Learning Assessment programs are designed to support faculty in degree-granting programs engage in two processes critical to guiding and understanding student learning: (a) creating or revising program educational goals and (b) creating or revising a program assessment plan. CTAL is offering two versions of programming to support both program educational goal and program assessment plan creation or revision. One is a set of self-guided modules, and the other is a CTAL-guided support series running during the fall 2022 and spring 2023 semesters.

Program Educational Goals Program Learning Assessment
Self-guided modules Self-guided modules
CTAL-guided support series CTAL-guided support series


Summer Institute on Teaching (SIT)

The Summer Institute on Teaching is an intensive and celebratory multi-day event that brings together educators from across the University of Delaware to build and strengthen a community around teaching and learning. The institute highlights emerging and established pedagogical practices, resources, and technology tools with an emphasis on evidence and scholarship. It also provides a showcase for the exceptional efforts and accomplishments of UD’s educators.

Winter Institute on Learning (WIL)

The 2023 Winter Institute on Learning will help faculty in degree-granting programs focus on two processes critical to guiding and understanding student learning: (a) creating or revising program educational goals and (b) creating or revising a program assessment plan. The institute is intended for small teams of faculty (2-5 people) who will learn processes and develop drafts of materials to be shared with and further developed with other faculty in their program. Depending on their needs, faculty can participate in one or both parts of the institute.

In 2023, we will offer two separate institutes, one online and one in-person. Additionally, each institute will be divided into two parts with the first part focusing on program educational goals and the second part focusing on program learning assessment. Faculty teams are welcome to apply to one or both parts of either the online or in-person institute.