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CTAL offers a variety of programs throughout the year to meet the needs of instructors at every stage of their teaching career. From graduate students entering the teaching ranks to experienced faculty fine-tuning their craft, all instructors will find participation in CTAL programs an opportunity for exploration and discovery in a collegial setting. Visit the events calendar on CTAL’s home page to view and register for upcoming programs.


Foundational Course Transformation Initiative

The Foundational Courses Initiative is housed within the Center for Teaching & Assessment of Learning (CTAL) at the University of Delaware and exists to support faculty that teach foundational courses primarily taken by recently-admitted and/or conditionally-admitted students. Additional information is available on this initiative as a whole, as well as each of its individual component programs: Spark, STEP, STRIDE, and a recurring Professional Learning Community. 

PLC: Innovations for a Post-COVID High-Enrollment Course

Looking ahead to the return to campus and in-person/hybridized instruction, this professional learning community will reflect on this period of online teaching and learning and explore the various innovations that arose from individual instructor experiences. This group will reflect on course design and implementation practices that worked well, did not work well, and which strategies may become ongoing components of course structures moving forward in a post-COVID world. For additional information, or to apply, please visit CTAL’s PLC page.


STEP is a short-term semester-based program where faculty meet individually with a CTAL staff member to work on one aspect of their teaching throughout a semester, e.g. a student engagement strategy or new teaching tool, and implement the revision within the same semester. Please note that CTAL is currently piloting the STEP model with STEM instructors teaching large-enrollment foundational courses. For additional information please visit CTAL’s STEP Page.

STRIDE: Transforming Foundational Courses in STEM

STRIDE is a long-term course transformation program for foundational courses at UD. Faculty partners commit to a multi-semester course transformation program with focused support from a CTAL staff member. Participation in this program includes a commitment to major changes to the design and implementation of a course that may include drafting of student learning outcomes, designing authentic assessments, and conducting learning activities that are grounded in student-centered, evidence-based teaching practices.

Spark: Transforming Foundational Courses in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Launching in Spring 2021, Spark is designed for instructors from social sciences, humanities, and the arts interested in developing instructional approaches that foster knowledge, skills, strategies, and habits of mind that students need to become successful learners. For additional information, or to apply, please visit CTAL’s Spark Page.

Early College Credit (ECC) Program

The Early College Credit (ECC) program is an exciting new opportunity for Delaware high school juniors and seniors to take UD courses at no cost. To best provide an authentic UD college class experience, students at participating high schools will be part of a single, integrated learning experience with current UD students. Learn more about ECC and upcoming course offerings.

Summer Institute on Teaching

The Summer Institute on Teaching is an intensive and celebratory multi-day event that brings together educators from across the University of Delaware to build and strengthen a community around teaching and learning. The institute highlights emerging and established pedagogical practices, resources, and technology tools with an emphasis on evidence and scholarship. It also provides a showcase for the exceptional efforts and accomplishments of UD’s educators.

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