Course Design Institute

Summer Course Design Institute

This year, the Course Design Institute will focus on foundational introductory courses. This will include faculty who are already enrolled in a larger CTAL program (e.g., SPARK, STRIDE, or ECC) but other faculty teaching large, foundational, and introductory courses are also welcome to participate. These courses come with a unique set of constraints (e.g. larger enrollments, more first and second-year students) and a unique set of opportunities (e.g. opportunities to introduce students to new ways of thinking, pathways to a major). This institute will provide participants with a chance to carefully design student learning experiences that better prepare students to be successful within a major or within a course series. Participants will also learn more about teaching and learning practices that reduce barriers to access for students from first-generation or under-represented backgrounds. 

Limited seats are available for instructors teaching courses that fit within the parameters of the institute:

  • More than 49 students within a single section
  • 100- or 200- level with primarily first- or second-year students
  • Referred to as “gateway” courses for specific majors or disciplines 


  • Primarily aimed at non-majors designed to provide a broad introduction to a field (that are often “breadth” courses)


CDI 2021 will take place virtually through a combination of synchronous and asynchronous work sessions. Access to the asynchronous material will begin on May 24th allowing participants a 2 week period to complete the pre-CDI Canvas modules (~4-5 hours to complete) prior to the 1st synchronous session planned for the morning of Tuesday June 8th. Additional asynchronous work and 2 additional synchronous sessions will be scheduled between June 8th and June 18th. This program is designed to provide flexibility for participants to complete the asynchronous components at a time that best works for them, yet still provide synchronous meeting sessions (90 minutes) to promote engaging discussions and opportunities for course instructors to connect with one another and share ideas about their course design.

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