Course Design Institute

Summer Course Design Institute

The 2022 Course Design Institute will focus on foundational introductory courses. This will include faculty who are already enrolled in a larger CTAL program (e.g., the Foundational Course Initiative, Early College Credit program) but other faculty teaching large, foundational, and introductory courses are also welcome to participate. These courses come with a unique set of constraints (e.g. larger enrollments, more first and second-year students) and a unique set of opportunities (e.g. opportunities to introduce students to new ways of thinking, pathways to a major). This institute will provide participants with a chance to carefully design student learning experiences that better prepare students to be successful within a major or within a course series. Participants will also learn more about teaching and learning practices that reduce barriers to access for students from first-generation or under-represented backgrounds. 

Limited seats are available for instructors teaching courses that fit within the parameters of the institute:

  • More than 49 students within a single section
  • 100- or 200- level with primarily first- or second-year students
  • Referred to as “gateway” courses for specific majors or disciplines 


  • Primarily aimed at non-majors designed to provide a broad introduction to a field (that are often “breadth” courses)

Information about the 2023 Course Design Institute will be posted in March 2023.
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