Spring 2022 Friday Roundtables

Join your teaching colleagues in these engaging roundtables:

  • February 11 – Compassion (as a Central C)

  • February 25 – Documenting Your Teaching for Promotion & Tenure

  • March 18 – How’s your course going? The many ways of knowing

  • April 15 – Improving teaching with tools and techniques from the dramatic arts

Authentic Assessments

In this 2 minute video, UD’s Daniel McDevit shares alternatives to traditional examinations. 

Creating Instructor Presence in Your Course

In this 2 minute video, UD’s Ismat Shah shares some tips for forging human connections in your course.

5 Tips for Facilitating Online Discussions

In this 2 minute video, UD’s Stephanie Devito shares some helpful tips for facilitating online discussions in your course.

As the University of Delaware continues to address the impacts COVID-19 is having on our campus, we encourage instructors to refer to the Provost Office’s Continuity website for regular updates.

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