Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning, highlights CTAL

“Better Together: How Faculty Development and Assessment Can Join Forces to Improve Student Learning” describes UD’s Center for Teaching & Assessment of Learning as an example of how “assessment is moving beyond a compliance-oriented approach to one that is closer to the classroom and curriculum, and thus to the regular ongoing work of faculty.”

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Friday February 14: Testing Tools and Environments That Foster Integrity
3:30 – 5:00 pm 

Faculty at UD have many options when it comes to creating tests and classroom environments that foster integrity. Panelists will discuss how they approach this topic in their classes and explain their decision-making processes supplemented by teaching and learning experts from Faculty Commons partners. Attendees will learn about many of the factors that impact integrity and honesty in tests and how UD can support faculty making important decisions about creating and administering tests.



We foster an inclusive culture of evidence-based teaching and learning across the University by inspiring effective teaching and assessment using high-impact strategies, tools, and collaborations.

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CTAL's 2019-2020 Academic Calendar and Events

A semester-based calendar identifying critical dates for course instructors and a listing of all CTAL events planned for 2019-2020.

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