Documenting Your Teaching

CTAL has developed a resource specific to UD which will guide you through an efficient process for documenting your teaching. This guide includes a brief discussion of the purpose of a teaching dossier or portfolio, detailed explanations of key elements to include in your dossier or portfolio, and resources to help you create and maintain this document. Additional readings and suggestions for graduate students are also included in this guide.

For Instructors

The Center for Teaching & Assessment of Learning is pleased to support all educators at the University of Delaware. We offer a variety of resources to help you refine your courses and syllabi for intentional planning of your students’ learning experiences as well as to satisfy your department’s learning goals. Please click the toggles below to learn more about Designing Your Course, Engaging Your Students, and Assessing Student Learning

* These resources link to external websites that provide excellent information on the given topic. To best serve your needs, we encourage you to speak with a CTAL staff member.

For Departments and Programs

Responsibility for and authority over academics at the University of Delaware lies with the faculty and we support the faculty in carrying out these charges, including the very important charge of understanding the extent of student learning in our courses and activities. Faculty in academic programs are responsible for (a) maintaining program educational goals that clearly state what students should learn through their completion of the program and (b) systematically assessing the extent of student achievement of those goals, including dissemination and use of that information on a regular basis.

Processes, resources, and support for the collection, development, and assessment of program educational goals
Additional resources related to the development and revision of program educational goals and assessment plans