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We empower the campus community of educators to engage in high-quality teaching, learning, and assessment for all of UD’s students.

We envision a learner-centered university where everyone values learning, high quality teaching is supported and rewarded, and communities of educators and students constantly advance our understanding and practices of teaching and learning.

We believe that…

  • Teaching, learning, and assessment are inextricably linked.
  • Teaching is a skill that can be developed and informed by knowledge, research, and reflection.
  • High quality teaching can be recognized and should be rewarded and celebrated.
  • Learning is the essential outcome and purpose of teaching.
  • Students are most successful when their learning is guided by educators who continually assess their students’ and their own development, skills, and knowledge.
  • The best learning occurs with engaged participants in an environment founded on principles of inclusive excellence.
  • Educators most effectively understand and improve teaching, learning, and assessment when they create and collaborate with communities of experts with diverse interests, backgrounds, and disciplines.
  • We can encourage and support the intellectual capital of the university by investing in projects and initiatives that help educators better understand existing teaching methods and develop innovative ones.

The CTAL Advisory Board provides support and informal consultation about faculty development programs and assessment offered through the Center for Teaching and Assessment of Learning (CTAL).  The CTAL Advisory Board includes faculty representatives from all seven colleges.


Members College/Program Department Term
Gary Allison Education and Human Development Special Education 2017-present
Dawn Berk Arts and Science Mathematical Sciences 2017-present
Jon Cohen Marine Sciences Earth, Ocean, and Environment 2018-present
Christine Cucciarre Arts and Science English 2017-present
Trevor Daly Arts and Science Chemistry 2017-present
Josh Enszer Engineering Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering 2017-present
Laura Gasiorowski Horn Entrepreneurship Program 2018-present
Kali Kniel Agriculture and Natural Resources Animal & Food Sciences 2017-present
Chris Knight Health Sciences Kinesiology and Physiology 2017-present
Dan McDevit Associate in Arts Program Biological Sciences 2017-present
Mark Stanton Arts and Science Psychological & Brain Sciences 2017-present

Faculty Commons Partners

While Faculty Commons is physically located in 116 Pearson Hall, our partners come from all areas of campus. Faculty Commons is a shared space that incorporates expertise from every unit on campus that supports teaching and those who teach. We know that sometimes you might feel that getting an answer is like sifting through alphabet soup–Faculty Commons is your one-stop-shop to connect with any of our partners in a welcoming, collaborative environment.

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In addition to our partnership with Faculty Commons, CTAL works with multiple campus offices to deliver targeted support for all educators at UD. Some of our recent collaborative work has included:


  • Developing and supporting the PASS (Peer Assisted Study Session) leaders program with the Office of Academic Enrichment
  • Developing and facilitating a Problem Based Learning conference with ITUE (Institute for Transforming Undergraduate Education)
  • Designing and facilitating the Teaching Assistant Orientation with the Office of Graduate and Professional Education
  • New Faculty Orientation with the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Office Human Resources
  • Conducting and publicizing a multi-modal assessment of the new multicultural course requirement with the Center for the Study of Diversity
  • Assessment of capstone and First-Year Seminar courses in collaboration with the Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Education and the First Year Seminar Office
  • Supporting a Faculty Peer Observation Learning Community with the CT caucus members

CTAL Staff

Your colleagues at CTAL are available to discuss teaching and learning in your courses, in your department or in your college, and to work with you to achieve the learning goals and outcomes that are important to you and your students. Our services include: one-on-one consultations, programs/workshops, consultations on the development of courses and programs, and guidance on their assessment.  In addition, we offer a venue for collaborating with you on research and grants focused on teaching and learning in your disciplines.

Kevin Guidry, PhD

Associate Director
(302) 831-0459

Kevin R. Guidry works with faculty on exploring new pedagogies and improving existing teaching practices to enhance student learning. Dr. Guidry specializes in assessment of student learning and survey methodology having worked on teaching, learning, and assessment research and practice at levels ranging from individual courses to projects spanning hundreds of colleges and universities.

His portfolio includes science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Marcia Hartline

Administrative Assistant
(302) 831-0265


Stacie Larkin, PT, DPT, MEd

Faculty Developer
(302) 831-7380

Stacie’s background in physical therapy education makes her a valuable resource for those teaching in the healthcare disciplines. Prior to joining CTAL, Stacie was the Director of Clinical Education in UD’s Department of Physical Therapy for 19 years. In addition to her past teaching responsibilities, Stacie has experience with accreditation and program assessment. Stacie’s professional focus is:  active learning, effective group learning design, mindful learning practices and experiential learning. In addition, she is the course instructor for UNIV 600- Learning, a course designed to prepare graduate students for teaching in a higher education setting.

Stacie’s portfolio includes the College of Health Sciences.



Rose Muravchick, PhD

Assistant Director
(302) 831-2914

Rose Muravchick consults with faculty across the arts and humanities, and provides targeted support for encouraging student discussions that are civil, professional, and highly engaged in all disciplines. Her areas of professional development support also include creating classroom community, backward design, active learning, universal design, supporting multicultural competency, and generating authentic assignments. Rose has teaching experience both in a liberal arts setting, as well as a large research university. Rose completed her doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania in the department of Religious Studies where she wrote her dissertation on Islamic talismanic shirts from the gunpowder empires.

Kathy Pusecker

(302) 831-8537

Kathy Langan Pusecker establishes and maintains relationships with faculty members, Chairs, Deans, and other senior internal constituencies and external agencies, to include national accreditation bodies. She also serves on the Faculty Senate General Education Committee and works with this committee to provide formative feedback about the newly implemented General Education objectives. Her responsibilities include providing professional development support for the New Faculty Orientation and supporting all who teach at the UD through consultations, observations, training, and feedback. She assists UD in addressing the Middle States Commission on Higher Education accreditation standards related to the assessment of general education and student learning. She helps to select and develop tools and oversees their implementation and the analysis and reporting of data. Pusecker establishes critical communications and coordination with internal constituencies and University senior decision-makers to address issues that may affect execution/implementation of University strategic plans, policies and programs.

CTAL’s Graduate Assistants

Justin Coger

Justin is an Economic Education PhD student with economics of education, assessment, economic education, inequality, and public finance research interests. He assists CTAL with data analyses and program setup.

Nicole Lloyd

Nicole is a 5th year PhD student in the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice. Her areas of research interest broadly include Communities, Law & Society, Health, Social Problems, and Mixed Methods Research.

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Phone: (302) 831-2027
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