Launched in 2023, by the Office of the Provost, the Teaching Support Network’s mission is to catalyze instructional innovation and excellence in teaching and the assessment of learning at the University of Delaware. As a university-wide initiative, the network is overseen by the Center for Teaching & Assessment of Learning. It is the goal of this collaborative to build on UD’s strengths in support of instruction and develop a robust network around educational innovation.

Where should you begin?

UD’s ecosystem of teaching support services and resources can be confusing to navigate, so allow the Center for Teaching & Assessment of Learning (CTAL) to be your teaching guide! Not sure where to begin your conversation? Start with CTAL! As your hub for teaching support, CTAL will work with you to identify your individual teaching and assessment needs to create a custom plan to accomplish your goals and address any challenge. Send us an email, request a one-on-one consultation, or stop by our offices in Gore Hall to get started!

Working together, network partners strive to meet the instructional development and teaching support needs of UD’s educators.



Associate Provost for Faculty Development

Provides university-level leadership in the design and implementation of programs related to faculty development, including but not limited to: mentoring; new faculty orientation; mid- career faculty programming; pre- and post-tenure faculty workshops; and leadership development.

Center for Teaching & Assessment of Learning

The Center for Teaching & Assessment of Learning strives to be an inclusive and strategic unit that fosters a culture of meaningful educational development and learning assessment for educators at the University including faculty, staff, and students. We work in partnership with individuals and groups to identify evidence-based solutions that are tailored to unique learning environments, advance university priorities, and that reflect individual teaching philosophies, educational goals, and disciplinary values.

Community Engagement Initiative

The Community Engagement Initiative (CEI) was established in 2016 to further strengthen the University’s identity and contributions as an engaged research university. Our work is guided by the Civic Action Plan which is the University’s strategic vision for community engagement. Join CEI as we grow new partnerships, conduct research on critical societal priorities, work with community partners from all sectors, and embark on programs that enable our students to learn how to use the knowledge they gain to improve the communities in which they live, work and play.

Data Science Institute

The Data Science Institute (DSI) aims to accelerate research in data science, serving as a nucleating effort to catalyze interdisciplinary research collaborations across fields impacting our society. Through efforts of faculty leaders and affiliates across campus, the DSI (1) supports team-based research, infrastructure, and training grants; (2) coordinates data science courses and degree programs; (3) provides data and compute infrastructure; and (4) hosts seminars, symposia, and team building events to connect faculty, students, and external partners from academia and industry. Our DSI Fellows program and a new Data Science Student Association support student-driven activities.

Faculty Peer Observation Program

Faculty interested in receiving peer feedback will be placed in a tripod containing one experienced observer. They will receive training on conducting peer evaluations and have their own teaching observed.

Graduate College

At the University of Delaware, we believe transformative graduate education is more than research scholarship. We want to prepare our graduates for success in a variety of careers. We envision a future for our graduates where they have strong career foundations, confidence in themselves and their abilities and the resilience needed to thrive during their time on campus and beyond.

To achieve this goal, we are committed to building data- and outcome-driven, integrated and holistic graduate professional development resources that empower our graduate students to translate their education into meaningful careers. 

Honors College

The Honors College engages students in a variety of disciplines across all colleges at the University of Delaware.  Honors classes allow students more in-depth study of their subject areas.  All first-year Honors students take an interdisciplinary Honors colloquium and an Honors section of ENGL110 class.  Both are small, seminar-based classes that are writing intensive. Honors provides instructors teaching these classes with Writing Fellows who serve as peer mentors to the students.  Honors also provides workshops to allow colloquium instructors to share their ideas. Honors also provides undergraduate Teaching Fellows to some upper-division Honors instructors.

Institute for Transforming University Education
Interdisciplinary Humanities Research Center

The mission of the Interdisciplinary Humanities Research Center (IHRC) is to strengthen faculty research and creative activity while also enhancing its integration into the curriculum; support initiatives involving multidisciplinary research teams, both within the university as well as with external partners; and foster intellectual community and public engagement.

IT Academic Technology Services

IT Academic Technology Services helps UD educators implement innovative ideas in digital education through consultation, training, co-production support and seed funding for new ideas in residential and online education. We partner with UD leadership, faculty, staff, and graduate student instructors to explore new technologies and pedagogies, cultivate innovative pilot projects, and aid in the development of new online and hybrid programs. Our areas include instructional design, learning management systems support, digital media support, and instructional television and conferencing support. We assist with in-class instruction, online learning, hybrid courses, and online curricula. We provide specialized assistance, such as classroom recording, video conferencing facilities and software, student polling, instructional project development, learning management systems, learning space design, and faculty development programs. We operate an innovative campus-based teaching and technology site where we provide technology consultations, host events and training, and foster interdisciplinary connections. We have adaptable-use areas for faculty, teaching staff, and graduate teaching assistants.

IT Geographic Information Systems
IT University Media Services
Library, Museum, & Press - Learning, Engagement, and Curriculum Support

By understanding how to find, evaluate and interpret information—including multimedia, physical and digital materials, and rare objects—students gain confidence accessing and creating knowledge with a critical mindset. We support teaching and learning by collaborating with faculty to craft hands-on lessons and by developing semester-long partnerships that are connected to course goals. To supplement these collaborations, we design online materials such as guides, tutorials and modules. Our expertise and unique collections enhance student explorations of course content. We are also available to provide general orientations, tours, workshops and individual consultations.

Office of Disability Support Services
Office of Institutional Equity - Diversity Education, Assessment, & Outreach

The Office of Institutional Equity serves the UD community in all aspects of equity, inclusion, and belonging. The Office of Diversity Education provides equity and inclusion learning opportunities through the LEAD Ally program, which is open to all faculty, staff, and graduate students. In addition, 1:1 and department-level advising, consultation, and curriculum review are offered with a focus on culturally relevant pedagogy and inclusive course design.  Assessment and review of syllabi for equitable and inclusive content and policies are also offered.

Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability serves to facilitate and enhance the principles of sustainability across operations, academics, student life, research, and community engagement and will continually improve the sustainability performance of the University by advocating for opportunities to make our campus greener and to better position the University as a leader in regenerative sustainability. Specific to academics, we are here to support faculty who wish to incorporate sustainability knowledge and programs that relate to climate change, biodiversity, environmental quality, renewable energy, and other topics that enable students and faculty to address real-world challenges and develop cutting-edge solutions.

Paul R. Jones Initiative

The Paul R. Jones Initiative (PRJI) fosters educational inquiry, interdisciplinary engagement, and critical thinking with and through African American art at the University of Delaware. Founded in conjunction with the gift of the Paul R. Jones Collection, the Initiative supports a broad range of programming intended to strengthen the collection and its interconnectivity with campus life and community. The Initiative supports teaching and research related to the collection and curricular outreach related to American art and culture in dialogue with Africa and its diaspora.

Spectrum Scholars
Summer Institute on Teaching
UD Anti-Racism Initiative



UD Career Center

The UDCC works across the university to bring life design, career education and preparation, professional connections, internships, and mentoring into the academic, advising, and co-curricular undergraduate and graduate student experience. Our teams work with faculty and departments to integrate professional development and career-related curriculum into coursework and academic pathways, including CANVAS course modules which can be embedded and modified, consultations with UDCC staff members to create course content, and opportunities to connect with employers, alumni, and other industry professionals.

UD MakerGym
UD Online
UD Professional & Continuing Studies & UD Online Testing Center

PCS educates for life. The Division of Professional and Continuing Studies supports lifelong learning, including dual enrollment, professional education, online learning, and customized training. PCS provides program consultation, instructional design, and online course scheduling services. PCS supports non-traditional students with registration, advising, and online student orientations. Faculty support includes the Essential Skills for Online Teaching short course and UD Online Testing Center proctoring services.

UD Writing Center
Undergraduate Research Program

The Undergraduate Research Program (URP) serves as a centralized support office for students and faculty who want to engage in undergraduate scholarly research and creative inquiry. The office provides advising and other research-related resources to facilitate engagement in undergraduate research. URP programs include the Work-Study Research Apprenticeship, Summer Scholars and Fellows, Winter Fellows, and the Senior Thesis. URP also coordinates public events such as the Summer Symposium and Winter Showcase for students to present their research. URP seeks to expand opportunities for undergraduate research by working with academic departments to integrate research into students’ academic experiences.

Writing Across the Disciplines Initiative