CTAL Grant Opportunities

CTAL occasionally offers grant funding opportunities for instructors to develop their teaching, improve existing courses, develop new courses, evaluate instruction, and assess curricular needs. In such cases special calls are opened in response to strategic priorities.

Instructors are encouraged to read the specific calls below to determine which opportunity best fits their project. If you would like additional guidance, please request a consultation. We welcome the opportunity to hear your ideas!

Open Calls

NOTE: This grant cycle is currently closed.

Past Calls

Innovations for a Post-COVID High-Enrollment Course – (accepting expressions of interest)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the broad transition from in-person to remote instruction was unprecedented in the history of higher education. Many instructors were confronted with an overwhelming amount of information and technology tools with a short amount of time to process and understand which of these tools, strategies, or pedagogical approaches might work best in their respective courses. Despite this challenge, numerous innovations arose from this pivot that may be useful in future course deliveries. Looking ahead to the return to campus and in-person/hybridized instruction, this professional learning community will reflect on this period of online teaching and learning and explore the various innovations that arose from individual instructor experiences. This group will reflect on course design and implementation practices that worked well, did not work well, and which strategies may become ongoing components of course structures moving forward in a post-COVID world.    

For more information, please refer to this document. Interested participants may submit a short expression of interest through this form. A stipend will be provided to participants who complete the program. 



Open Educational Resources (OER) Grant

This grant is currently closed. In partnership with the UD Library, Museums and Press, funding is available to support up to two proposals that seek to address the rising cost of course materials through use of open textbooks and open educational resources. Open Educational Resources (OER) are educational materials produced by educators that are licensed to be shared freely and at no cost to others. OER may include question banks, syllabi, games, simulations, tutorials, lesson plans, full textbooks and even full courses.

Successful proposals have emphasized the link between effective teaching practices and the use of open resources. 

Instructional Improvement Grants

This grant is currently closed. Instructional Improvement Grants (IIG) provided funds (up to $5,000) for one-time, small-scale projects to improve existing courses, develop new courses, evaluate instruction, and assess curricular needs. The grant was intended to support larger innovative projects that  directly and significantly affected teaching and learning, such as developing materials for new and existing courses and developing new modes of instruction.

Information on previous calls and grant winners is available here.

Reengineering Large Introductory Courses Grants

This grant is currently closed. The purpose of the Reengineering Large Introductory Courses (ReLIC) grant program was to enhance learning, persistence, and graduation rates of UD students by addressing the needs of faculty teaching large (generally more than 60 students per section) introductory courses

Information on previous calls and grant winners is available here.

Travel Grants

This grant is currently closed. Travel Awards of up to $1,000 were made available to support faculty participation in off-campus workshops or seminars on pedagogy, or conferences/conference sessions directly related to teaching.