Winter Institute on Learning 2024

The 2024 Winter Institute on Learning will focus on specifications grading, an alternative grading strategy that provides students with explicit information about what they need to do to earn different grades in a course while providing them with opportunities to make choices and resubmit some assignments. We are in the beginning stages of developing this institute and we are doing so in close collaboration with UD faculty who have used specifications grading in their courses.

Please direct questions to Kevin R. Guidry, CTAL Associate Director of Educational Assessment, at

Winter Institute on Learning 2023

The 2023 Winter Institute on Learning helped faculty in degree-granting programs focus on two processes critical to guiding and understanding student learning: (a) creating or revising program educational goals and (b) creating or revising a program assessment plan. The institute was intended for small teams of faculty (2-5 people) who learned processes and develop drafts of materials to be shared with and further developed with other faculty in their program. Depending on their needs, faculty could participate in one or both parts of the institute.

The institute was divided into two parts with the first part focusing on program educational goals and the second part focusing on program learning assessment. Faculty were welcome to apply to one or both parts.

The institute used a mix of CTAL guided coaching, individual work-time, and peer feedback. Colleagues in CTAL prepared packets of information for each group of faculty – existing material in the current academic catalog, information collected from programs as part of the writing of the university’s 2021 Middle States Self-Study, relevant scholarship in the specific discipline, etc. – and provided them to faculty to assist in their work during and after the institute. Each part of the institute was intended to help faculty begin these important processes and develop concrete roadmaps for continuing them with all of their colleagues.

Applications for any part of the institute came from small teams of faculty who teach in a specific degree-granting program (undergraduate or graduate). These teams were typically 3-5 members. They could be a new team or an existing group such as a curriculum committee. Diversity of experience, knowledge, and viewpoint were critical elements in a successful team.

Institute dates

The 2024 institute is tentatively scheduled for January 17-19. We are still determing the mode – online or in-person – and other similar details.

Application information 

Applications will open in the fall 2023 semester. In the meantime, UD faculty who would like to be notified when applications open can indicate interest using the link below.