Winter Institute on Learning

This year’s Winter Institute on Learning is by invitation, though interested parties are welcome to email us to discuss participation (with the approval of your department chair). Participants will have their choice of 3 dates to attend a one-day workshop focused on the development of educational goals for their programs and an accompanying assessment plan for their degree granting program. Utilizing a mix of CTAL guided coaching, individual work-time, and peer feedback, participants will complete the first phase of their assessment plan by creating/refining their program’s learning goals. As a result of attending WIL 2020, participants will be able to continue and recreate this process with their departmental colleagues for all educational goals and curricular mapping projects.

Workshop dates: January 28, 29 and 30, 2020

CTAL Message to Chairs and Program Directors Inviting Participation

Dear Chairs and Program Directors,

I am writing to cordially invite you to the 2020 Winter Institute on Learning (WIL): January 28, 29, or 30.  This one-day event – you can select the day that works best for you – will focus on formulating or revising your program educational goals.

Transparently stated educational goals make your job easier by providing clear guidance on the content of courses and how courses and other experiences relate to and build on one another. Just as importantly, thoughtfully designed program educational goals make clear to students the skills, knowledge, attitudes, values, and habits of mind that will lead them to success in their chosen academic paths. Finally, many of our constituents – legislators, parents, students, colleagues in the Middle States Commission on Higher Education – expect us to have clearly stated program educational goals for each of our degree programs. 

If your department has programs with educational goals that have not been revised recently or if your faculty or course offerings have significantly changed in recent years, WIL 2020 is the perfect opportunity for you to revisit those goals and determine a new path forward. If any of your programs do not have program educational goals, I encourage you to attend this institute with colleagues in your department and get started in a supportive environment.

Institute Details

  • This is a one day institute, offered on three different days. You and your team only need to commit to one day:
    • January 28
    • January 29
    • January 30
  • Breakfast and lunch is provided during the institute.
  • Programs must be represented by a small team of faculty members (minimum 2, maximum of 5) who have knowledge of the curriculum and ideally bring different perspectives or responsibilities in the program. For example: the course coordinator for your introductory sequence, and a senior faculty member who has designed capstone experiences. Faculty at all ranks and tracks are welcome.
  • Registration is requested by December 16th. 

Register here (or use this direct link: )

As a combined center for teaching, learning, and assessment, CTAL embraces our role in supporting faculty as they embark on the difficult work of curriculum design and assessment. In this spirit, we encourage you to take advantage of this program and the supportive, collegial environment that we strive to create in all of our programming.

I welcome any questions that you may have about WIL 2020, program educational goals, or assessment in your departments and programs. And I look forward to hearing from you about WIL 2020 by December 16th.

With best wishes,

Matthew Trevett-Smith, CTAL Director

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