Submitting program educational goals using Curriculog

During this initial 2-year period of adding program educational goals to the academic catalog, there is a dedicated Curriculog form (“2022-2024 Program Educational Goals Collection”) for submitting those goals if no other changes are being proposed to the program. Goals can also be submitted using other forms if changes are being proposed to a program i.e., program revision, new program proposal, and application for permanent status.

This form is intended to only be active during the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 academic years. It will be deactivated on March 1, 2023. Following that date, revisions or new submissions of program educational goals should occur using the forms for revising existing programs or submitting new programs.

Instructions for accessing and using the form

To submit goals using the form dedicated solely to collecting program educational goals:

  1. Log into Curriculog at
  2. Click on the link labeled “New Proposal” (dark blue box near the top middle of the screen: Curriculog New Proposal button).
      • If you do not have this link once you have logged into Curriculog, contact to request proposal access.
  3. From the list of available Curriculog forms, select the “2022-2024 Program Education Goals Collection” form.
      • There are two links with images on the far right of each form. The first, a small box with an arrow Curriculog form preview button, allows you to preview the form. The second, a checkbox Curriculog new submission button, allows you to begin a new submission using that form.
      • There may be many forms available in Curriculog so you may have to advance several screens using the “Next 10” link at the bottom of the list before you find this particular form.
  4. Follow the directions on the form and complete each field.
      • Note the “Approval steps” listed on the right of the form. After you validate and submit the form, it will be sent to each person/group listed for review beginning at the top of the list. This list includes your department chair/school director and your college dean.

Questions and feedback

If you have questions about your specific program educational goals or would like feedback about them, we strongly recommend contacting us at before submitting them via Curriculog. It is often easier to provide suggestions and feedback outside of Curriculog.

If you need help using Curriculog, please contact