New Faculty Resources

Below are select resources that we share with new faculty to help them get started in their teaching role at the University of Delaware.

1st Day of Class Tips

  • Weimer, M. (2015, August 19). The first day of class: A once-a-semester opportunity, Faculty Focus. Retrieved from day-of-class-a-once-a-semester-opportunity/
    This article provides commonsense ideas to help make your first day a success including remembering to smile.
  • Gannon, K. (2015, August 3). The absolute worst way to start the semester, Chronicle Vitae. Retrieved from semester
    The first day of class is much more that “Syllabus Day.” This brief article encourages you to consider ways to engage students from those first moments rather than simply chalking up the day to reading a document at the front of the room.
  • University of Delaware Center for Teaching & Assessment of Learning. (2016). Handling hot topics in the classroom.
    This one-page document provides suggestions and tips for dealing with controversial topics or incendiary comments in your classroom.

Designing Courses

Fink, D. L. (2005). A self-directed guide to designing courses for significant learning. Retrieved from
This article summarizes a book that is the gold standard for a logical approach to course design that results in better and long lasting learning.

Applying the Science of Learning to Your Teaching

  • Deans for Impact. (2015). Science of learning. Austin, TX: Deans for Impact. Retrieved from
    This brief document uses six simple questions gleaned from years of research into the science of learning to help you craft syllabi, assessments, and activities that engage students and meet your learning outcomes.
  • Benassi, V. A., Overson, C. E., & Hakala, C. M. (2014). Applying science of learning in education: Infusing psychological science into the curriculum. Retrieved from
    This edited volume brings together some of the most important research on learning and cognition. It is designed to speak to non-experts and includes examples of real-world applications for your teaching.

Library Resources

Our colleagues in the University Library have provided a document with 7 Things You Should Know About the UD Library. They also provided the following list of links to resources on their webpage that are of particular interest to UD educators:

Library Instruction page:
Subject liaison list
InterLibrary Loan
Course Reserves
Special Collections and Museums
Film and Video Collection
Student Multimedia Design Center

Welcome to UD Library

Meg Grotti, Associate Librarian and Assistant Head of Instructional Services, introduces the wealth of resources the library offers to those who teach.