Classroom Response Systems (“Clickers”)

Classroom Response Systems (aks: clickers) can be a great way to not only assess students, but to engage them. Here is a list of question types to consider:

  1. Recall Questions
      • Often used to see if students did the reading or remember facts from an earlier class. It is a quick check-in that does not typically generate much discussion
  2. Conception Questions
      • Checks to see how well students understand key concepts. Can be an effective way to identify common student misconceptions. Asking a class full of students “does that make sense?” or “do you have any questions?” is often  answered with a few head nods. But allow them a chance to respond anonymously with clickers or polling apps and everyone’s voice is “heard”.  
  3. Confidence Level Questions
      • Asking students to rate their level of confidence with performing a task, explaining a concept or completing an assignment can be valuable feedback to both you and the students. If most of the students rate their confidence as “high”, then maybe you need to increase the level of challenge in the course, If students indicate they have low confidence, then you might need to adjust the pace of the course or make some other modifications that can bolster student confidence with what they are learning.
  4. Monitoring Questions
      • Can also provide valuable feedback to instructors and students. For example, asking how long an assignment took, or checking in with students to see where they are with completing an assignment.

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