Welcome to TA Orientation 2018

Dear Graduate Student,

The Center for Teaching and Assessment of Learning (CTAL) has been informed that you will be assuming the role of Graduate Teaching Assistant for the first time here at UD. We congratulate you on your accomplishments that have brought you to this exciting new point in your professional and academic career.

As you prepare for your new responsibilities and develop your professional teaching persona, CTAL is proud to host the just-in-time 2018 Graduate Teaching Assistant Orientation on August 20st, 2018 from 12:30-5pm. Per TA contracts, attendance at the Graduate Teaching Assistant Orientation is required for all first time Graduate Teaching Assistants. If you have not done so already, please follow the link below to register today.

A Bit about Orientation:

During orientation, you will have the opportunity to learn from your peers about what to expect in your new position. As current Graduate Teaching Assistants from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, our TA Fellows will acquaint you with expectations associated with your primary TA duties, as well as introduce you to classroom skills and techniques for success. For our full list of session topics, and biographies of this year’s TA Fellows, please visit our Graduate Conferences and Orientations tab on the CTAL Website.

Support Beyond Day One:

While TAO is designed to introduce you to the skill building tools you’ll need from day one as a TA, CTAL recognizes your need for continuing support as you build your professional teaching persona. For beyond day one, CTAL offers a Teaching and Learning Conversation series (TLCs) exclusively for graduate students. More information about TLCs can be found here, and programming will be updated for the upcoming academic year soon. Additionally, CTAL offers the UNIV 601: Pedagogy course, ideal for graduate students past their first year. This 0-credit application based course introduces students to the current state of research in the science of teaching and learning, as well as the best-practices in the field that are strongly based in evidence. Students will craft statements of teaching and work on teaching-related research projects. Students may register through UDSIS.

We look forward to seeing you at TAO 2018!

The CTAL Team