2019-2020 Friday Roundtable Schedule

Fall 2019 – 3:30-5:00pm

September 6: Supporting Undergraduate International Learners (GORE 208)

This session highlights University of Delaware faculty and staff from a variety of colleges and the English Language Institute sharing their insights, teaching and advising strategies, and best practices for engaging international students in classes and their academic careers.  An overview of new university programs, Academic Transitions and International Foundation Semester, explains strides the university is taking to support international students. A list of new campus resources and an annotated bibliography provides additional resources for faculty and staff as they engage international students at the University of Delaware in the Fall 2019 semester and beyond.

Speakers include:

  • Dr. Anthony Middlebrooks, Associate Professor, Biden School of Public Policy and Administration, Director of Graduate Studies, Horn Entrepreneurship, Academic Transitions Program
  • Dr. Brian Peasnall, Associate Professor, Anthropology and Geology, Associate of Arts Program Georgetown, Academic Transitions Program
  • Scott Duarte, Assistant Professor, English Language Institute, Academic Transitions Program
  • Blythe Milbury-Steen, Academic Programs Advisor, English Language Institute



October 4: Assignments That Click - Tapping Into Student Creativity With Digital Multimedia Projects (GORE 205)

Hear from UD faculty who have found innovative ways to take the plunge into multimedia assignments in support of their course goals. We’ll discuss the promises, pitfalls, and best practices of multimedia creation in the classroom. UD librarians who collaborate on such assignments will also be present to answer your questions about getting started and to share their experiences. 

Speakers include:

  • Emily Davis, Associate Professor of English
  • Tom Guiler, Assistant Professor of History and Public Humanities Academic Programs
  • Dustin Morris, Post-Doctoral Researcher in Writing Pedagogy
  • Kayla Abner, Digital Scholarship Librarian
  • Alex Galarza, Digital Scholarship Librarian
  • Meg Grotti, Assistant Head of Instructional Services
  • Amanda McCollom, Multimedia Literacy Coordinator



November 8: Getting Started With Case Studies in Your Courses (GORE 208)

Case studies are stories built around real problems and situations. You can use case studies to teach in almost any discipline, and they are a great way to help students grapple with the complexity of real-world issues. If you’ve thought about incorporating case studies in your courses, but weren’t sure where and how to start, this roundtable is for you. You’ll get a chance to walk through the decisions involved in adopting case studies in your courses, learn where to find repositories of case studies in your disciplines, and ask questions of colleagues who are already using case studies. This session will be structured around several resource and conversation stations that will allow participants to tailor the experience to their unique needs.



Spring 2020 – 3:30-5:00pm, location TBA

February 14: Testing Tools and Environments That Foster Integrity

Faculty at UD have many options when it comes to creating tests and classroom environments that foster integrity. Panelists will discuss how they approach this topic in their classes and explain their decision-making processes supplemented by teaching and learning experts from Faculty Commons partners. Attendees will learn about many of the factors that impact integrity and honesty in tests and how UD can support faculty making important decisions about creating and administering tests.



February 28: Promotion & Tenure Roundtable

Faculty from across the University will share their insights and experiences from the promotion and tenure process and discuss the elements of a successful teaching portfolio. Each panelist has recently received a promotion or been elevated to tenure.  Participants will learn how to craft a narrative about their teaching to accompany their student evaluations of teaching and consider what teaching effectiveness means in the context of their courses and their disciplines.
This special roundtable is presented in partnership with the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs. 



March 20: Infusing Entrepreneurship Outcomes into Your Courses

Inspired by President’s Assanis’ charge to infuse entrepreneurship into the entire curriculum, this roundtable will be an opportunity for you to consider how entrepreneurship fits in your course. With your colleagues from across campus, you will explore potential real-world problems and how they might connect to your current course outcomes.




May 8: Using Principles of Continuous Improvement in Your Teaching

description coming soon!