Friday Roundtables

CTAL’s Friday Roundtables are back! Virtually, that is. Join CTAL and instructors from across UD for guided conversations about how to make your current teaching situation more intentional, connected, and meaningful. Sessions will focus on the current experiences of your teaching colleagues and attendees will have ample time for discussion and collaboration. Virtual Roundtables will be conducted in Zoom. All who teach at UD are welcome to attend.


  1. To promote community and collaboration (through online chat, breakout sessions, and real-time discussion)
  2. To explicitly explore good teaching and assessment practices used with online courses
  3. To promote effective online teaching and learning strategies through modeling and reflection on action (or in action)

2020 Virtual Sessions

April 10: Establishing and maintaining an authentic instructor presence online

Online tools – discussion boards, video conferencing, websites, etc. – provide many opportunities for faculty to teach online in ways that demonstrate and honor their disciplinary and personal identities. They also provide many opportunities for faculty to connect with students. In this roundtable, UD faculty will present empirical data about ways to increase instructor presence in online courses as well as examples of how UD faculty are doing this right now.


April 24: Facilitating robust online discussions

In courses that are taught online, discussion boards in Canvas and other similar tools are widely used to not only help students develop students’ communication skills but also provide opportunities for students to practice many other skills. In this roundtable, UD faculty will demonstrate and discuss how they are using online discussions in their courses right now.


May 8: Reflecting on this semester

This semester’s unprecedented emergency move to online teaching has presented many challenges and opportunities for UD’s community of educators. Although this has been a unique situation, there is much we can learn from it. In this roundtable, UD faculty will provide some of their own reflections and help attendees reflect on and learn from their own experiences.


Missed a Roundtable but want to hear some of the highlights? Or attended a Roundtable but want to hear more? Check out “TAL TALKS”.

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