Open Educational Resources (OER)

In partnership with the UD Library, Museums and Press, funding is available to support up to two proposals that seek to address the rising cost of course materials through use of open textbooks and open educational resources. Individual faculty members or groups who wish to transition a course from a commercial textbook to an OER textbook that maintains high quality education and is more affordable (or free) to students are encouraged to apply. Successful proposals will emphasize the link between effective teaching practices and the use of open or affordable resources, describe anticipated savings for students, and will provide evidence of departmental support. 

Proposals that aim to remix an existing open textbook in order to improve the text’s suitability to a UD course are likewise welcome to apply. 

Those interested reviewing open textbooks for possible adoption are encouraged to view the library’s Open Textbook Guide.

If you would like additional guidance, please request a consultation. We welcome the opportunity to hear your ideas!

Deadline for OER grant submissions: Monday April 6, 2020