2015 New Graduate Teaching Assistant Orientation

2015 New Graduate Teaching Assistant Orientation: August 24th, 1-5pm

confused pathTransitioning into the role of a new Graduate Teaching Assistant can often create feelings of uncertainty. The Graduate Teaching Assistant Orientation is designed to ease the stress of this transition by providing incoming graduate TAs with the necessary information regarding what to expect. The event will help orient TAs to their instructional roles and responsibilities at the University of Delaware and introduces them to effective practices and central aspects of learning and teaching. Following orientation, our graduate students are prepared for the tasks of the academic year ahead, armed with the resources and knowledge that lead to success. Graduate Teaching Assistant Orientation is primarily for those graduate students who have been newly appointed as TAs for the academic year. (See Schedule Below)

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2015 Graduate TA Orientation Schedule: Click on the Presentations Below

2015 TA Orientation Print Friendly Schedule

 Time   Sessions Building 
12:30-1:00 Orientation Check-in Smith Hall 130


Expectations Panel – Course Instructors & Experienced TAs

Smith Hall
2:15-2:30 Break Gore Hall Rotunda
2:30-3:30 Concurrent Sessions 1 Gore 2nd Floor
1. Teaching Modern Languages  2. Teaching Arts and Humanities Presentation 3. Teaching in Social and Political Sciences Presentation
4. Teaching Labs in Physics and Engineering Presentation 5. Teaching in Math and Computer Sciences Presentation 6. Teaching Labs in Sciences Presentation
3:30-3:45 Break
3:45-4:30 Concurrent Sessions 2 Gore 1st Floor
1. Effective Use of Technology/Multimedia in the Class Room 2. Strategies for Classroom Management and Establishing Authority 3. Classroom Assessment Techniques
4:30-5:00 Departmental Round Tables, Networking, & Ice Cream Social

 2015’s TA Fellows

TA Facilitator Caccese Jaclyn Caccese is a PhD candidate in the Biomechanics and Movement Science program. She has experience as a lecturer and as a laboratory teaching. She is currently studying head acceleration during purposeful soccer heading in youth, high school, and collegiate soccer players.
Di Trani Andrea Di Trani is a 4th year PhD student in the Biomechanics and Movement Science Program. Her TA responsibilities include serving as a lead instructor. Andrea has taken a number of courses pertaining to teaching and learning as part of the University’s former Higher Education Teaching Certificate Program. Her current research interests pertain to hamstring strain injuries and the maladaptations that occur following an initial injury that increase susceptibility for re-injury.
Kubasi Francyne Kubaski is a third year phD student from the Biological Sciences department (Molecular biology and genetics). Her research interests are lysosomal storage disorders, with main focus on Mucopolysaccharidoses and newborn screening for those diseases in order to allow an early treatment for patients. She has been a TA at UD and for other courses during her Master’s degree in Brazil.
Pike Colleen Pike is a second year Master’s student in the Department of Biological Sciences. Her research involves utilizing microbiology and biochemistry techniques to elucidate host-pathogen interactions between human macrophages and the bacterial pathogen Legionella pneumophila. Colleen served as a TA for Integrative Freshman Biology and Introduction to Microbiology.
Le Blanc Sophie Le Blanc obtained a B.A.in 2007 and an M.A. in 2010 in political science from the Université du Québec à Montréal. She has been a graduate student at UD since 2010, working on issues of migration, entrepreneurship and the garment industry of Brazil. She has been both a TA and an Instructor of Record at UD.
Akline Angela Kline is a Ph.D. student in UD’s Urban Affairs and Public Policy. Angela will be a TA during fall semester 2015 and has taken several classes on teaching and learning. Her research interests include philanthropy, nonprofit management, performance measurement, and social indicator projects. Before studying at the University of Delaware, Angela worked for several nonprofit organizations doing resource development and evaluation.
Broomell Laura Broomell is a Master’s student in the Communication program at the University of Delaware. Laura has experience planning, instructing, and evaluating her own classes, each consisting of 25 undergraduate students. Laura holds further responsibility as the Assistant Course Coordinator. Laura’s thesis research takes a qualitative approach to understanding therapist – client relationships in the realm of therapeutic counseling.
lemke Tobias Lemke is going into his 5th year as a PhD student in the Department of Political Science and International Relations. His research focuses on the nature of international legitimacy and authority expressed through particular argumentation-patterns in diplomatic negotiations among Great Powers. He is particularly interested in the way that rhetorical strategies can be used by diplomats to coerce competitors into a particular course of action or inaction. For this purpose, his dissertation analyzes the foreign policy framing of European Great Powers in the 1815-1854 period. He has TA’d for a variety of Political science courses ranging from American politics to political theory. He has also led the computer lab sections of the departments method course Posc300, given several guest lectures and regularly teaches POSC150 “Intro to American Politics” in the winter term.
 kannan Harsha Kannan is a PhD candidate at the Department of Physics and Astronomy working under the supervision of Prof. John Q. Xiao. He earned his Master’s degree in theoretical condensed matter Physics from Central Michigan University (CMU) and Bachelor’s in Physics from University of Colombo. His research interests are primarily in the field of electromagnetic materials Physics (Experimental) with a bias towards spin caloritronics, where researchers try to scavenge waste heat via interaction with spin. Prior to embarking on graduate studies, he was involved in training merchant navy officers in Sri Lanka for a couple of years. He has had a very diverse TA experience, where he has been a lab/discussion TA at CMU and UD for several physics courses and an instructor for multiple physics courses at UD during summer and winter sessions.
 Larracey  Caitlin Larracey just recently graduated with her MA in Literature from UD’s English Department, where she served as a TA for two years. Interested in Composition and Pedagogy, Caitlin worked extensively with the Writing Program Director, Prof. Joe Harris, and participated in teaching activities such as leading sessions during faculty retreats, a department Brown Bag, Academic and Technology Services’ “Delivering Learning Experiences Online” course, and the Center for Teaching and Assessment of Learning’s Summer Faculty Institute in the “Engaging Difference” track. She has taught UD’s E110 as a full semester standard course, an Honors course, a five-week face-to-face course, and a five-week online course. Recently, Caitlin won the Composition program’s Innovative Teaching award. She currently teaches such classes as English 110, Written Communication in Business, and Writing and Literature as an adjunct instructor for both UD and Delaware College of Art and Design – a quick year break before heading back for her PhD.
 Jackie Fan Yang Jackie Yang is a 6th year PhD student with the department of Mathematical Sciences majoring in applied mathematics with research interests on electromagnetic theory and inverse scattering problems. He has obtained a Master’s degree at California State University, Long Beach and has been working here at UD for the past six years as a teaching assistant for 8 semesters and as an instructor for 8 different math courses. He has completed his PhD degree and accepted an offer for a lecturer position at California Polytechnic State University.

Experienced TAs facilitated The 2015 TA Orientation

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Past TA Conferences provided opportunities for TAs to learn more about teaching and learning in higher education.

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