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2018 Graduate Teaching Assistant Orientation

Every year, the Center for Teaching & Assessment of Learning, organizes a half day event to provide information and resources to new graduate Teaching Assistants. Transitioning into the role of a new Graduate Teaching Assistant can often create feelings of uncertainty. The Graduate Teaching Assistant Orientation is designed to ease the stress of this transition by providing incoming graduate TAs with necessary information regarding what to expect. The event helps orient TAs to their instructional roles and responsibilities at the University of Delaware and introduces them to effective practices and central aspects of learning and teaching. Following orientation, our graduate students understand many of the tasks for the academic year ahead and are armed with the resources and knowledge that lead to success. Graduate Teaching Assistant Orientation is primarily for those graduate students who have been newly appointed as TAs for the academic year.

Graduate students who have excelled at being TAs and are recommended by their department help facilitate sessions. They serve on a general panel alongside professors and lead area-specific sessions. This is the favorite aspect for many new TAs.

2018 TAO Schedule Monday August 20th

12:30-1:00 Orientation Registration Smith Hall Entrance
1:00-1:45 Plenary Session Smith Hall
Speakers: CTAL, Provost TBD, Faculty TBD
Agenda: Welcome, High-Impact Practices, Engaging with Students
1:55-2:40 Breakout Sessions I Gore Classrooms
Classroom Authority & Community Classroom Assessment Techniques & Student Feedback Guest Lectures & Office Hours
Facilitators: TBD Facilitators: TBD Facilitators: TBD
* Tag: First Time * Tag: Everyone * Tag: Everyone Rm TBD
2:50-3:35 Skill-Specific Sessions 1 Gore Classrooms
Grading Exams Grading Writing Grading and Setting-up Labs (x2)
Facilitators: TBD Facilitators: TBD Facilitators: TBD
Room: TBD Room: TBD Room: TBD
3:45-4:30 Breakout Sessions II Gore Classrooms
Communicating Clearly/Establishing Boundaries Time Management What is Critical Thinking & How Can I Help My Students Use It?
Facilitator: TBD Facilitator: TBD Facilitator: TBD
* Tag: First Time * Tag: Everyone * Tag: Some Experience Rm TBD
4:30-5:00 Ice Cream Social - Informal time with TA Fellows Gore Rotunda
* Session Recommendations: E for Everyone; FT for First Time Teaching Assistants; SE for those with Some Past Teaching/Teaching Assistant Experience

NOTE: Sessions are not yet finalized and may be subject to change.

TA Fellows’ Bios

Xinhui Jiang

Xinhui Jiang is a Ph.D candidate from the Department of Political Science and International Relations, with a research focuse on gender and politics, Asian politics, and immigration. Her dissertation looks at how women’s access to the local council in authoritarian regime is structured and determiend by the interplay of formal election instititutions and the informal norms and practices.

Rayanne Luke

Rayanne Luke is  a third-year graduate student in the Department of Mathematical Sciences and vice president of UD’s chapter of AWM. Her research is on applications of spectral methods for thin film equations. She has served as a TA for both Calculus I and II.

The scenarios that were played out were extremely helpful. I learned more about FERPA, what to do before, during and after a student is observed being academically dishonest, and also how to make ice breakers not the most torturing aspect of a session. Past TAO Participant

I think TA orientation program is one of the most helpful programs that help TAs – especially for those who have never been a TA before 2017 TAO Participant

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