Teaching Portfolio

Teaching Portfolio

A Teaching portfolio allows you to:

  • Clarify and refine teaching practices.
  • Define your personal style of teaching.
  • Reflect on your journey as a teacher.
  • Focus on the learning process and attainment of course goals.
  • Justify to yourself and others the reasons why you teach the way you do.

How do you create a teaching portfolio?

  • Collect teaching-related materials.
  • Regularly sort and select best evidence of your teaching effectiveness. Try to choose a range of materials from different teaching environments.
  • Reflect on the selected documentation, and give a fair presentation of yourself.
  • Make sure all pieces of evidence are accompanied by an explanation and description of the context.

When developing your teaching portfolio, reflect on these questions:

  • Why do you teach?
  • How do you teach?
  • How do you assess the effectiveness of your teaching?

What should a teaching portfolio include?

  1. A Teaching Statement
  2. Documentation of Teaching
    • List of courses taught and/or TAed with enrollments and descriptions
    • Syllabi and course materials that you developed
    • Video tapes of your teaching
  3. Documentation of Teaching Effectiveness
    • Summarized and contextualized student evaluations of teaching
    • Written comments from students on class evaluations
    • Comments from peer observer or colleague
    • Statements from colleagues in the department or elsewhere, regarding the preparation of students for advanced work
    • Letters from students, preferably unsolicited
    • Letters from course head, division head or chairperson
  4. Activities to Improve Instruction
    • Participation in seminars or professional meetings on teaching
    • Re-design of courses
    • Use of new methods of teaching or assessing learning
    • Description of instructional improvement projects developed or carried out
  5. Honors, Awards, Recognitions, and scholarship on your pedagogy


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Teaching Portfolio resource site from the University of Vanderbilt Center for Teaching

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