Promotion and Tenure Process

Promotion and Tenure

Promotion and Tenure
Summary of annual faculty panel discussions: Planning ahead and preparing for the promotion and tenure process; putting the dossier together and the role of external reviewers; and addressing promotion and tenure policies and procedures effectively.

Promotion & Tenure Process at UD by Eric Kmiec, Chairperson, University Promotions & Tenure Committee; Professor, Biological Sciences, 2007 P&T panel

P&T Advice by Yan Jin, Professor, Plant & Soil Sciences, 2007 P&T panel

P&T Advice by Raul Lobo, Professor, Chemical Engineering, 2007 P&T panelĀ 

Your Tenure Narrative, Leakie, M. & St. John, K. review the elements of a personal statement key to the tenure application. Inside Higher Education, November 10, 2010.

Faculty Handbook: Promotion and Tenure

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