CTAL Podcasts

Podcasts – Highlights from CTAL’s First Friday Roundtables


March How do I make grading less painful?
Tips from Nancy O’Laughlin (ATS) for using Canvas’ Speedgrader.

February – How do I document teaching for promotion and tenure?



November – How do I get students to read?
CTAL’s Rose Muravchick and Kathy Pusecker share their key “takeaways” from today’s 1st Friday Roundtable led by Bill Lewis, associate professor of literacy education in the School of Education.

October – How do I help undergrad be successful here at UD?
Naomi Nash discusses UD’s Blue Hen Success Collaborative with CTAL’s Rose Muravchick.

September – Why don’t students talk?
Rose Muravchick and Kevin Guidry highlight the discussion that took place at this roundtable about how does one create a classroom community and how do faculty define “participation” in their courses.



DecemberAre your tests testing content or cultural knowledge? 
Highlights from Dec 2016’s roundtable discussion with our partners from ELI who shared some of their insights about working with international students and specifically how language impacts a classroom testing environment.

November – What is “Sticky Learning”?
Discussion about using assessment techniques to help learning “stick”. Examples of how learning can be scaffolded through activities such as the defining features matrix, debate and concept map were featured in this roundtable.

How does creating a classroom community impact student learning?

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