Course and Syllabus Design

CTAL offers course and syllabi design consultations. We welcome you to take a moment to review and discuss your courses with a CTAL staff member. It’s an ideal time to discuss and refine your courses and syllabi for intentional planning of your students’ learning experiences as well as to satisfy your department’s learning goals.




Your syllabus documents the expectations you have of your students and their (initial) expectations of you and your course. It is an important learning tool that will reinforce the intentions, roles, attitudes, and strategies that you will use to promote active, purposeful, and effective learning.

Suggested Steps for Planning Your Syllabus :

  • Develop a well-grounded rationale for your course
  • Decide what you want students to be able to do, demonstrate, or represent as a result of taking your course, and how their work will be assessed
  • Structure your students’ active involvement in learning, considering how these activities are linked to the learning outcomes
  • Identify and develop resources
  • Compose your syllabus with a focus on student learning (Refer to this checklist for guidance)
    • Include statements that ensure an inclusive learning environment
    • Be explicit about course goals, student responsibilities, criteria for assessment.

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