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Presentations on Aspects of Assessment
Guidelines and Methods for Assessing Student Learning – Karen Bauer and Gabriele Bauer, General Education Institute, July 2002.
Outlines characteristics of effective assessment, methods (e.g., CATs, rubrics), and guiding questions to design assessment.
Journaling and Rubrics – methods to assess critical thinking – Kathleen Pusecker, Office of Educational Assessment and Gabriele Bauer, Winter Faculty Institute, 2006.
Other presentations attached below.

Attachment Size
“Addressing the Quantitative Literacy Gap: The Integrating Data Analysis (IDA) Project: What is it all About?” by Havidán Rodríguez, Ph.D., University of Delaware 94.5 KB
Advancing Managing and Sustaining Assessment Delaware 2010 178.9 KB
The Assessment Cycle 964.5 KB
Assessment Made Simple 1.6 KB
Bloom Handout 359 KB
Curriculum Mapping Benefits 88 KB
“Journaling and Rubrics: The Pleasure and the Pain” by Kathleen Pusecker, Office of Educational Assessment and Gabriele Bauer, Center for Teaching Effectiveness 354.5 KB
Measurement Training-Direct and Indirect Tools 1.23 MB
“Planning and Analysis as Essential Components of Institutional and Programmatic Accreditation” by Elizabeth Sibolski and Michael F. Middaugh 242.5 KB
“Professional and Continuing Studies Assessment Workshop” by Gordana C. Brendza and Kathleen L. Pusecker 441.09 KB
“Student Portfolios: A Follow-up to Dr. Zubizaretta” by Kathleen Langan Pusecker Assessment Analyst Office of Educational Assessment & Gabriele Bauer Assistant Director for the Center for Teaching Effectiveness University of Delaware   195 KB
“Thinking through your idea – An introduction to grant writing support from the Office of Educational Assessment” by Kathleen Langan Pusecker,Associate Director, and Gordana Brendza, Researcher, Office of Educational Assessment  1.6 KB
“Using Sakai OSP to Capture First Year Students’ Reflections and Measure Learning Outcomes” by Kathleen Langan Pusecker at the University of Delaware’s 2009 Winter Faculty Institute 1.6 KB
Middle States Presentation describing Curricular Mapping 218 KB
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