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The Office of the Provost provided funding to create a three member panel of Faculty Assessment Scholars to work with the Office of Educational Assessment and communicate to the UD faculty best practices of assessment of student learning outcomes. Two of the Scholars, Delphis Levia- Associate Professor, Geography and Donald Lehman – Associate Professor, Medical Technology were previously Assessment Fellows. Additionally, Iain Crawford – Associate Professor, English, was selected because of his vast experience in higher education accreditation and the assessment of student learning.

The Scholars supported the Middle States Accreditation process by evaluating the documentation of student learning for Standard 12- General Education, Standard 13- Related Education Activities including Professional Programs,  and Standard 14- Assessment of Student Learning. Included in their evaluation were recommendations for improvements to student learning.  The work of the Faculty Assessment Scholars reflected an intentional and disciplined approach to organizing measurement of student learning.

During the summer of 2011, the Scholars reviewed freshmen and seniors work samples to evaluate the General Education goals of Quantitative Reasoning and Critical Thinking.  Their ongoing evaluations will be used to inform the UD community of the effectiveness of educational programming designed to deliver the General Education goals. 

In 2006, the Assessment Faculty Fellows program was established by the Office of Educational Assessment. The Fellows program, is designed to create, maintain and support a university-wide cadre of faculty with a deep commitment to outcomes assessment. Working closely with Chairs and department faculty, Assessment Faculty Fellows coordinate, support and maintain student learning outcomes assessment processes in their respective academic units, as well as share knowledge with colleagues across the university. Specific responsibilities also include meeting monthly as a group to share progress and discuss successes and challenges; attending special workshops and training sessions specifically designed for Assessment Faculty Fellows; and working closely with, and submitting progress reports to, the Office of Educational Assessment.

The appointment as an Assessment Faculty Fellow extends until the department completes one full cycle of assessing a minimum of three student learning outcomes. The cycle consists of a department: Establishing clear, measurable expected outcomes of student learning; ensuring that students have sufficient opportunities to achieve those outcomes; systematically gathering, analyzing, and interpreting evidence to determine how well student learning matches the department faculty’s expectations; and using the results of that assessment to improve instruction, learning and the overall curriculum.

Fellows may already be well-experienced with assessment methodologies and tools, or they may be new to assessment procedures. Of prime importance will be a commitment to guiding the assessment work of their academic units.

Fellows should continue to contact the OEA for consultations regarding assessments.

Current Fellows

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Carmine Balascio, Bioresources Engineering
Jules Bruck, Plant and Soil Sciences
Judy Hough-Goldstein, Entomology and Wildlife Ecology

College of Arts and Sciences

Tammy Anderson, Sociology and Criminal Justice
Robin Andreasen, Linguistics
Debbie Andrews, English
David Barlow, Medical Scholars
Persephone Braham, Latin American Studies
Bill Browning, Theater
Ken Campbell, Political Science
Sandra Carberry, Computer and Information Sciences
Vicki Cassman, Art Conservation
Joan DelFattore, MALS
Larry Duggan, History
Darryl Flaherty, East Asian Studies
Collette Gaiter, Fine Arts and Visual Communication
Susan Groh,Chemistry
Roger Kobak, Psychology
Marie Laberge, Women’s Studies
Michael McCamley, Writing Center (English)
Norbert Mulders, Physics and Astronomy
Lawrence Nees, Art History
Charles Pavitt, Communication
Bonnie Robb, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Kate Rogers, Philosophy
Karen Rosenberg, Anthropology Chair
Louis Rossi, Mathematics
Danny Stevens Music
David Usher, Biology
Maggie Ussery, Black American Studies

College of Business and Economics

Jeff Gillespie, Accounting
Pam Cummings, Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management
Diane Wright, MIS

College of Health Sciences

Dena Deglau, Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science
Don Lehman, Medical Technology
Stacie Larkin, Physical Therapy
Gail Wade, Nursing

College of Human Services

Hye-Shin Kim, Fashion and Apparel Studies
Steve Peuquet, Urban Affairs and Public Policy
Lynn Worden, Individual and Family Studies

College of Marine Studies

Delphis Levia, Geography
Sue McGeary, Geological Sciences

Associate in Arts Program

Richard Bacon, Georgetown
Jack Bartley, Wilmington
Sharon Tucker, Dover

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