Presentation ePortfolio

Presentation ePortfolio

Presentation style ePortfolios are sometimes referred to as showcase portfolios.  Like the name, these are where students can showcase what they have learned.  When students are small they often bring home their work where it is displayed on the refrigerator.  The electronic ePortfolio allows for students to present their work to many audiences including parents.

The process of selecting artifacts, arranging they in a meaningful way, and presenting them to the outside world allows students take inventory of their meaningful learning experiences.  It also allows students to connect course work experiences to co-curricular experiences in meaningful ways.  Helen Barrett suggests that the experience of creating the ePortfolio leads students to a metacognitive state.

Some of the purposes of the ePortfolio 

  • Students share them with potential employers to demonstrate the skills they have obtained.
  • Faculty  assess  students’ competencies of programmatic goals, general education goals such as written and oral communications.
  • Faculty assess students’ ePortfolios to find out how well students are learning.

Faculty use the assessments to provide documentation for accreditation.


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