Peer Review

Peer Review

Peer Evaluation Tool Website
The University of Delaware has developed an online peer evaluation tool that makes peer evaluation a more meaningful assessment process for students and an easier administrative task for faculty.

The tool is ideal for all class sizes and makes large classes more manageable. Faculty have reported that the tool makes group work easier with a large class.

To use the tool, you simply upload a list of the students’ UDelNet IDs and you can easily organize them into groups and send the students notification.

When a new project is created and the roster is imported, you can easily set the parameters for group size and click one button to sort students into units. There is a drag and drop feature where you can move students’ names from one group to another.

The instructor also can customize the rubric and questions to fit the type of group work. When students log in to evaluate one another they see your customized rubric and can be asked to rate group members on particular aspects as well as provide narrative comments. An email feature allows you to remind students when it is time to complete their peer evaluations at the end of a project.

Students do not see the individual evaluations, but rather a summary of their performance that you can edit before releasing.  The tool also allows for easy faculty feedback to a group on their projects.

Grading is an optional function of the Peer Evaluation Tool. Students can be graded based on evaluations and instructor input then the grades can be exported in CSV format. This feature allows the faculty to then upload the grades to Sakai@UD’s grade book. 

Becky Kinney from IT Academic Technology Services (IT-ATS) developed the tool and is currently improving the features based on the feedback from faculty. The user interface has been redesigned in the latest version to make the tool more intuitive.

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