Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique: IF-AT

Please read theĀ Information Form
Innovative multiple-choice assessment tool that gives students immediate affirmation and/or corrective feedback on their knowledge, ensuring that a student’s last response is the correct one. It also allows instructors to give partial credit for proximate knowledge. IF-AT can be used for formative feedback and testing.
Reference: Epstein Educational Enterprises (and published research)
White, Harold, Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry at UD, article on IF-AT, Generating discussion during examinations in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education, 33(5), pp. 361-362, 2005.

CTAL makes IF-AT forms available to UD faculty at no cost as long as they are using the tool for UD students’ group work. The maximum amount of forms we supply for one course is 25% of the total enrollment.

If you wish to use an online tool to have students think about their learning, you might wish to explore the tool reThinQ for Canvas@UD.

In order to achieve maximum use, CTAL requests the following:
Use IF-AT forms for group testing rather than individual testing.
Request IF-AT forms for one course per semester.
Use the IFAT until all items on the form have been scored.
To request IF-AT forms: email Marcia Hartline, CTAL Administrative assistant or call 831-2027.

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