Application for Travel Grants

Travel Grants

Application Process

  1. Complete the online Travel Award application form.
  2. Solicit a letter of support from your chair or program director. The letter should confirm that this funding is outside the normal scope of the departmental budget.
  3. Submit the two document files (letter plus application form) as e-mail attachments to the Center for Teaching & Assessment of Learning at
  4. Budget requests may include costs of travel, lodging, and registration fees to attend workshops, and conferences that are directly related to teaching. The costs should be itemized, with estimations provided if exact costs are not yet available. The budget request should include information about the travel destination, and the number of days of lodging. The costs of meals are excluded.
  5. The applicant must be registered to teach at the University of Delaware.

Funding Decisions

Decisions will typically be made within one month of application; award notices will be distributed immediately thereafter. Successful applicants must accept the award in writing within two weeks of receiving notification of a grant. In the case of an acceptance not being received, CTAL will reallocate the funding attached to the award.

Terms and Conditions of Award

  1. Faculty Travel Award funds must be expended within 12 months from the time they are made available. If not expended, the funds must be returned to CTAL.
  2. Post-award report: Awardees should send documentation (to of having made a workshop or conference presentation (i.e., relevant pages of a program, an abstract, or the text of a presented paper), with information about the conference title, session, and presentation dates if this is applicable. Award recipients should also indicate in a 1-page statement how they are planning to incorporate what they have learned at the conference in their teaching and share with colleagues: What big ideas have they gained? How might they include them in their instruction?  How do they plan to share these ideas/strategies with their faculty colleagues?
  3. Since funds are limited, CTAL cannot grant more than two of these awards within a 5-year period to the same individual. Please note that for past awardees, this policy comes into effect starting in September, 2015. Awards made prior to September, 2015 will not be counted towards the 2-award limit.
  4. Awards will not be granted to individuals who have not completed a report from a prior award.
  5. CTAL will review every application on a case by case basis.


Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

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