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Teaching and Technology

University Media Services

Video Production

Classroom Technology 

Campus Performances and Events

Media Engineering

IT-University Media Services (UMS) provides creative technical design, production and support for professional video and audio services, campus performances & events, and classroom technology. (302) 831-3557
Learning Management Systems

Canvas @ UD

Sakai @ UD 

Canvas and Sakai are two UD learning management systems. Canvas help area provides documents and extensive online support. See Academic Technology Services for further support. (302) 831-6000  116 Pearson Hall
Faculty Community Support Faculty Commons The Faculty Commons brings together a wide range of UD teaching resources in one place where faculty can get answers to teaching questions, discuss long-term projects, learn about instructional grant opportunities, explore cutting-edge teaching technologies, participate in workshops on best practices for teaching, and engage in activities to enhance their teaching and students’ learning. (302) 831-0640 116 Pearson Hall
First Year Experience (Undergraduate)

First Year Seminar

First Year Experience

First Year Seminars are led by faculty who work closely with an upper-level undergraduate peer mentors to help new students begin their intellectual journey. (302) 831-3330 101 George Read North
Global Studies Institute for Global Studies – Study Abroad The Institute for Global Studies (IGS) coordinates study abroad programs, with a specialization in short term, faculty-led programs. Courses are available from an array of disciplines and fulfill a variety of requirements. Semester-long and exchange programs are also available. (302) 831-2852 Elliott Hall, 26 East Main Street
Problem-Based Learning Institute for Transforming Undergraduate Education (ITUE) Learn more about problem-based learning (PBL), in which students engage complex, challenging problems and collaboratively work toward their resolution.
Incorporating Technology in Classrooms IT Academic Technology Services ATS helps faculty and those who teach at UD improve teaching and learning through the effective application of technology. (302) 831-0640 116 Pearson Hall
Solving Technological Problems IT Client Support & Services Client Support & Services (IT-CS&S) focuses on helping the UD community use technology effectively and efficiently. IT-CS&S staff members support productivity, research, and instructional tools for the UD instructional community, student computing, and research computing applications. (302) 831-6000
Service Learning Opportunities Office of Service Learning The Office of Service Learning provides a central location for information about service learning. This includes providing support and advisement to faculty interested in enhancing and developing service learning courses, developing new opportunities for students, and serving as a liaison with community partners. (302) 831-3188 180 South College Avenue
Access to Multimedia Tools Student Multimedia Design Center (302) 831-2965 181 South College Avenue
The UD Library The University of Delaware Library The University of Delaware Library provides course reserves, library instruction for students, a film and video collection, student multimedia design center, books and more. (302) 831-2965 181 South College Avenue
Online Classes UD Online Distance Learning More than 200 different University of Delaware courses and several degree programs are offered in a flexible, web-based format, taught by UD campus faculty. (302) 831-7600
Undergraduate Research Undergraduate Research Program Research apprenticeships with faculty mentors give talented, motivated University of Delaware undergraduates a chance to take pare in front line discovery. Every UD college, department and research center provides opportunities for interested students. (302) 831-8995 180 South College Avenue
The UD Bookstore University of Delaware Bookstore (302) 831-2637 83 East Main Street
Undergradate Honors University of Delaware Honors Program The Honors Program has earned a national reputation for both the rigor and creativity of its program and the quality of its students, who are bright, enthusiastic, and intellectually curious. (302) 831-2792 186 South College Avenue
Academic Writing Help Writing Center The writing center fosters excellence in writing. It provides one-to-one and small-group writing tutorials; advocates for writing as an essential part of learning through its Writing Fellows Program and workshops at the University of Delaware. (302) 831-2793 181 South College Avenue
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Academic and Student Support Services

Career Services Career Services Center The Career Services Center (CSC) provides comprehensive career services to all matriculated undergraduate and graduate students and alumni. CSC also fosters partnerships with employers, alumni, faculty, staff, administrators, and the greater community to increase opportunities for the career development of students. (302) 831-2392 401 Academy Street
Counseling & Student Development Center for Counseling & Student Development The Center’s programs are contribute to the personal, educational and career development of our students. Services are provided by licensed psychologists, licensed psychiatrists, or doctoral level psychologists in training. (302) 831-2141 261 Perkins Student Center
Student Life Dean of Students Office The Office of the Dean of Students provides students with the support, resources, and referrals they need to succeed at the university. The office assists students having difficulties due to reasons beyond their control. If you have a question, a concern, or a problem to solve, and you are not sure where to begin, the Office of the Dean of Students is a great place to start. (302) 831-3266 101 Hullihen Hall
Undergraduate Academic Services Office of Academic Enrichment Our mission is to assist undergraduate students in their pursuit of academic success. Our office is committed to helping students address their academic challenges in ways that will maximize their performance, including tutoring, supplemental instruction, in-person study skills workshops, and skill-building courses. (302) 831-2792 148-150 S. College Ave.
Safety on Campus Office of Campus & Public Safety Public Safety works to create an environment where people can feel safe to learn, work, live and visit. (302) 831-7285 413 Academy Street
Campus Disability Accomodations Office of Disabilities Support Services DSS works with students who have a physical, medical or psychological disability, as well as, a learning disability or ADHD, providing various accommodations. (302) 831-4643 240 Academy Street
Diversity and Equity at UD Office of Equity & Inclusion OEI works to build an educational community that fosters a rich learning environment as well as understands people from all backgrounds and economic circumstances, with different needs, and from diverse personal and philosophical beliefs. (302) 831-8063 305 Hullihen Hall
Graduate Studies Office of Graduate & Professional Education The Office of Graduate and Professional Studies works collaboratively with departments and programs across campus to support a dynamic and enriching educational environment leading to advanced degrees and certificates. (302) 831-8697 234 Hullihen Hall
International Student Support Office of International Students & Scholars OISS is the provides immigration advising and support services to UD’s international community. Its website provides comprehensive information on government regulations other important campus and community resources, and upcoming programs and activities. (302) 831-2115 44 Kent Way
Course Scheduling & Registration Office of the Registrar The Office of the University Registrar manages information systems, maintains students’ academic records and provides educational support services. The Registrar’s Office includes scheduling, registration & academic records, advising support, student systems administration, and the UD testing center. (302) 831-2131 210 South College Avenue
Student Code of Conduct Office of Student Conduct The Student Conduct Office processes violations of the Student Code of Conduct. Its goals are to promote a campus environment that supports the overall educational mission, to protect the UD community from disruption and harm, to encourage appropriate standards of individual and group behavior, and to foster ethical standards and engaged citizens. (302) 831-2117 218 Hullihen Hall
Campus Housing and Resident Life Residence Life & Housing Residence Life & Housing staff members at the University of Delaware partner with residents to create fun and engaging environments in the residence halls. Residents have opportunities to learn how to be good neighbors; to learn about themselves, differences in people, ideas, cultures and opinions; to utilize their talents in the community; and to develop lasting friendships. (302) 831-HOME (4663) 310 Haines Street
Resources and Reporting for Victims of Sexual Violence and Gender-Based Violence Sexual Misconduct Reporting and Resources The University has clear policies in place intended to keep the University community free from sexual misconduct. We provide campus efforts including: prevention and awareness programs; various resources, policies and processes and bystander intervention methods; services that support victims and meet their needs; enforcement of campus policies, state and local laws around sexual misconduct; and timely alerts to inform the campus and community about known crimes. 302-831-2226

101 Hullihen Hall


Student Behavior Consultation Team UD community members can report serious concerns about students’ health and safety or the safety of campus to the Student Behavior Consultation Team (SBCT). The Student Behavior Consultation Team (SBCT) develops support plans to promote student health, well-being and successful academic experiences; and promotes campus safety through an active process of threat assessment and behavioral intervention. (302) 831-8939 For more resources, click here.
Student Health Student Health Services Student Health Services (SHS) is a free standing ambulatory care center on the main campus south green area. (302) 831-2226

Laurel Hall

Located at the intersection of South College Avenue and E. Park Place

Student Athlete Services Student Services for Athletes The staff of Student Services for Athletes works closely with coaches, faculty and student services personnel to help student-athletes balance the demands of their academic responsibilities and participation in athletics. (302) 831-4294 108-G Delaware Field House
University Studies Program University Studies The mission of the UST program is to enhance and support the educational experiences of matriculated students who have a wide variety of interests and have either not yet declared a major or are in transition from one major to another. (302) 831-2792
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Faculty Support and resources

The Academic Calendar Academic Calendar The online and PDF versions of the academic calendar can be found here. (302) 831-2131
Administrative and Events Calendars Administrative Calendar The Administrative Calendar and New @UD events calendars can be found here. (302) 831-2200
The American Association of University Professors American Association of University Professors (AAUP) at UD The American Association of University Professors is dedicated to defending the principles of academic freedom and tenure and to establishing sound academic standards to ensure due process. The UD AAUP Chapter represents full-time faculty members on various employment issues. (302) 831-2292 011F Hullihen Hall
UD Faculty Handbook Faculty Handbook The official version of the University of Delaware Faculty Handbook. (302) 831-2101 116 Hullihen Hall
UD Faculty Senate Faculty Senate The University Faculty Senate acts for the entire faculty in coordinating faculty governance and in exercising the faculty responsibility for the education and care of students. (302) 831-2921 011E Hullihen Hall
The Provost Office of the Provost Dr. Domenico Grasso is the University’s chief academic officer, responsible for administration of all programs of instruction, research and service, and for facilitating the success of the University’s faculty and students. (302) 831-2792 116 Hullihen Hall
University Policies Student Guide to University Policies This Student Guide explains University standards and procedures. (302) 831-2792
Course Catalog Undergraduate/ Graduate Catalog (302) 831-2101


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