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CTAL subscribes to the online version of Essays on Teaching Excellence. The essays are available free of charge to members of the University of Delaware community. The series is published by the Professional & Organizational Development Network in Higher Education (POD).


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Author Title Year Category
AAHE Teaching portfolio: Capturing the scholarship in teaching 1991 Evaluation Faculty
AAHE Campus use of the teaching portfolio: Twenty-five profiles 1993 Evaluation Faculty
AAHE Course portfolio: How faculty can examine their teaching to advance practice and improve student learning 1998 Evaluation Faculty
Achacoso, M. & Svinicki, M. Alternative strategies for evaluating student learning 2004 New Directions for Teaching & Learning
Adams, M. Promoting diversity in college classrooms: Innovative responses for the curriculum, faculty, and institutions 1992 New Directions for Teaching & Learning
Allen, D. & Duch, B. Thinking toward solutions: problem-based learning activities for general biology 1998 Problem-Based Learning
Ambrose, S. et al. How Learning Works: 7 Research-Based Principles for Smart Teaching 2010 College Teaching
Anderson, R. et al Assessment strategies for the on-line class: From theory to practice 1992 New Directions for Teaching & Learning
Angelo,T. & Cross,K. Classroom assessment techniques: A handbook for college teachers 1993 Evaluation General
Arreola, R. Developing a comprehensive faculty evaluation system 1995 Evaluation Faculty
Bain, K. What the best college teachers do 2004 College Teaching
Barkley, E. et al Collaborative learning techniques 2005 Active/Collaborative Learning
Barnes, S. On the market 2007 Teaching Assistants
Basalla, S. & Debelius, M. So what are you going to do with that? 2001 Teaching Assistants
Bean, J. Engaging ideas: The professor’s guide to integrating writing, critical thinking, and active learning in the classroom 2001 Critical Thinking/Writing/Values
Bensimon, E. et al Department chair’s role in developing new faculty into teachers and scholars 2000 Admin/Dept. Chairs
Berk, R. Professors are from mars, students are from snickers 1998 College Teaching
Berk, R. Thirteen strategies to measure 2006 Evaluation Faculty
Bloomfield, V.A. & El-Fakahany, E.E. The Chicago Guide to Your Career in Science 2008 Classroom Research/Assessment
Blumberg, P. Developing Learner-Centered Teaching 2009 Active/Collaborative Learning
Bonwell, C. & Eison, J. Active learning: Creating excitement in the classroom 1991 College Teaching
Boufis, C. & Olsen, V. On the market – Surviving the academic job search. 1997 Teaching Assistants
Boyer Commission Reinventing undergraduate education: A blueprint for america’s research universities 1998 Higher Education
Boyer, E. Scholarship reconsidered 1990 College Teaching
Braxton, J. & Bayer, A. Addressing faculty and student classroom improprieties 2004 New Directions for Teaching & Learning
Bresciani, M. et al Assessing student learning and development 2004 Evaluation General
Bridges, G. & Desmond, S. Teaching and learning in large classes 2000 Large Classes/Lecturing
Brookfield, S. Becoming a critically reflective teacher 1995 Critical Thinking/Writing/Values
Brookfield, S. The skillful teacher 1990 College Teaching
Brookfield, S. Skillful Teacher, The 2006 College Teaching
Brookfield, S. & Preskill, S. Discussion as a way of teaching 1999 Discussion/Group Facilitation
Brown, D. et al Teaching with technology 2000 Technology/AV/TV/Distance Learning
Cahn, S. From Student to Scholar 2008 Teaching Assistants
Cambridge, B. et al Electronic portfolios: Emerging practices in student, faculty, and institutional learning 2001 Technology/AV/TV/Distance Learning
Centra, J. Reflective faculty evaluation: Enhancing teaching and determining faculty effectiveness 1993 Evaluation Faculty
Chism, N. Peer review of teaching: A sourcebook 2007 Evaluation Faculty
Chism, N. Peer review of teaching 1999 College Teaching
Colbeck, C. Evaluating faculty performance 2002 Evaluation Faculty
Colbeck, C. et al Educating integrated professionals: Theory and practice on preparation for the professoriate 2008 New Directions For Teaching & Learning
Collins, L. et al. Career strategies for women in academe 1998 Faculty
Cross, K. Adults as learners 1981 Adult Learning
Cyrs, T. Teaching and learning at a distance: What it takes to effectively design, deliver, and evaluate programs 1997 New Directions for Teaching & Learning
Davis, B. Tools for teaching 1993 College Teaching
Davis, B. G. Tools for Teaching 2009 College Teaching
Diamond, R. Preparing for promotion & tenure: A faculty guide 2004 Evaluation Faculty
Diamond, R. Serving on promotion and tenure committees: A faculty guide 1994 Evaluation Faculty
Duch, B. et al The power of problem based learning 2001 Problem-Based Learning
Duncan, D. Clickers in the Classroom 2005 Technology/AV/TV/Distance Learning
Dunne, D. & Brooks, K. Teaching with cases 2004 Case Methods
Ewell, P. General education and the assessment reform agenda 2004 Classroom Research/Assessment
Eyler, J. & Giles, D. Where’s the learning in service learning? 1999 Learning Styles
Feibelman, P. A Ph.D. is not enough! A guide to survival in science 1993 Teaching Assistants
Fink, L.; Fink, A. Designing Courses for Significant Learning 2009 New Directions
Fisch, L. Ethical dimensions of college and university teaching 1996 College Teaching
Gaff, J. New life for the college curriculum 1991 College Teaching
Gaff, J. & Ratcliff, J. Handbook of the undergraduate curriculum 1996 Curriculum and Course Design
Gardner, H. Multiple intelligences: The theory in practice 1993 Learning Styles
Gardner, J. et al The senior year experience 2001 Higher Education
Gelmon, S. et al. Assessing service-learning and civic engagement 2001 Classroom Research/Assessment
Golde, C. Envisioning the Future of Doctoral Education 2006 Teaching Assistants
Goldsmith, J. The chicago guide to your academic career 2001 Faculty
Gordon, V. & Habley, W. Academic advising: A comprehensive handbook 2000 Advising First Year Students
Gray, T. Publish and flourish: Become a prolific scholar 2005 Faculty
Grumert, J. The course syllabus: A learning-centered approach 1997 Curriculum and Course Design
Halpern, D. & Hakel, M. Applying the science of learning to university teaching and beyond 2002 New Directions for Teaching & Learning
Hedengren, B. A TA’s guide to teaching writing in all disciplines 2004 Critical Thinking/Writing/Values
Hernon, P. & Dugan, R. Outcomes assessment in higher education 2004 Classroom Research/Assessment
Hersh, R. Declining by degrees 2005 Classroom Research/Assessment
Huba, M. Learner-centered assessment on college campuses 2000 Classroom Research/Assessment
Huber, M. Balancing acts: The scholarship of teaching and learning in academic careers 2004 Faculty
Hume, K. Surviving Your Academic Job Hunt: Advice for Humanities PhDs 2010 Teaching Assistants
Hutchings, P. Opening lines: Approaches to the scholarship of teaching and learning 2000 College Teaching
Jacobs, L. & Chase, C. Developing and using tests effectively 1992 Testing/Grading
Jerry, G. New life for the college curriculum 1991 Higher Education
Ken Bain What the Best College Teachers Do 2004 College Teaching
Knapper, C. & Cranton, P. Fresh approaches to the evaluation of teaching 2001 New Directions for Teaching & Learning
Kreber, C. Scholarship revisited: Perspectives on the scholarship of teaching 2001 New Directions for Teaching & Learning
Kreber, C. ed. Internationalizing the Curriculum in Higher Education 2009 New Directions
Lambert, L. & Tice, S. Preparing graduate students to teach 1993 Teaching Assistants
Lang, J. On Course 2008 College Teaching
Lauren, A. & Harriette, J. The complete academic search manual 2006 Teaching Assistants
Lee, V. Teaching and learning through inquiry 2004 College Teaching
Light, R. Making the most of college: Students speak their minds 2001 Higher Education
Lucas, A. Leading academic change 2000 Admin/Dept. Chairs
Lucas, A. The department chairperson’s role in enhancing college teaching 1989 New Directions for Teaching & Learning
Lucas, C. & Murray, J. New faculty: A practical guide for academic beginners 2002 Faculty
MacGregor, J. et al Strategies for energizing large classes: From small groups to learning communities 2000 New Directions for Teaching & Learning
Maki, P. & Borkowski, N. The assessment of doctoral education 2006 Teaching Assistants
Maki, P.; Borkowski, N. ed Assessment of the Doctoral Education, The 2006 Classroom Research/Assessment
Marincovich, M. et al The professional development of graduate teaching assistants 1998 Teaching Assistants
McGlynn, A. Teaching Today’s College Students 2007 Advising/First-Year Students
McKeachie, W. et al Teaching tips: Strategies, research, and theory for college and university teachers 1994 College Teaching
McKinney, K. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 2007 Classroom Research/Assessment
Michaelson, L.; Sweet, M.; Parmelee Team Based Learning: Small-Group Learning’s Next Big Step 2008 New Directions
Middaugh, M. Understanding faculty productivity 2001 Admin/Dept. Chairs
Middle States Commission on Higher Education Student learning assessment options and resources 2003 Evaluation General
Miller, W. & Miller, M. Student-assisted teaching 2001 College Teaching
Millis, B. & Cottell, P. Cooperative learning for higher education faculty 1998 Active/Collaborative Learning
Millis, B.J. Cooperative Learning in Higher Education 2010 New Directions
Nathan, R. My freshman year. What a professor learned by becoming a student 2005 Advising First Year Students
National Research Council Science teaching reconsidered: A handbook 1997 Active/Collaborative Learning
National Research Council How people learn: Brain, mind, experience, and school 2000 Active/Collaborative Learning
Nelson, M. et al Alive at the core: Exemplary approaches to gen ed in the humanities 2000 Higher Education
Nilson, L. Teaching at its best: A research-based resource for college instructors 1998 College Teaching
Nosich, G. Learning to Think Things Through 2005 Critical Thinking/Writing/Values
Nyquist, J. et al Preparing the professoriate of tomorrow to teach 1991 Teaching Assistants
O Brien, G. et al The course syllabus: A learning-centered approach 2008 College Teaching
Oates, K. & Leavitt, L. Service-learning and learning communities: Tools for integration and assessment 2003 Learning Styles
Oblinger, D. & Oblinger, J. Educating the net generation 2005 Learning Styles
Ory, J. & Ryan, K. Tips for improving testing and grading 1993 Testing/Grading
Pace, D. & Middendorf, J. Decoding the disciplines: Helping students learn disciplinary ways of thinking 2004 New Directions for Teaching & Learning
Palmer, P. The courage to teach: A guide for reflection & renewal 1998 College Teaching
Palomba, C. & Banta, T. Assessment essentials: Planning, implementing & improving assessment in higher education 1999 Classroom Research/Assessment
Palomba, C. & Banta, T. Assessing student competence in accredited disciplines 2001 Classroom Research/Assessment
Paul, R. & Elder, L. Critical thinking: Tools for taking charge of your learning and your life 2006 Critical Thinking/Writing/Values
Paul, R. & Elder, L. Critical thinking: Learn the tools the best thinkers use. 2006 Critical Thinking/Writing/Values
Philipsen, M. Challenges of the Faculty Career for Women 2008 Faculty
Pruitt-Logan, A. et al Preparing future faculty in the sciences and mathematics: A guide for change 2002 Teaching Assistants
Rando, W. & Lenze, L. Learning from students: Early term student feedback in higher education 1994 Evaluation Faculty
Ratclif, J. et al Changing general education curriculum 2004 Higher Education
Ratcliff, J. Status of gen ed in the year 2000: Summary of a national survey 2001 Higher Education
Reis, R. Tomorrow’s Professors 1997 Teaching Assistants
Richardson, S. Promoting civility: A teaching challenge 1999 New Directions for Teaching & Learning
Richlin, L. Blueprint for learning 2006 College Teaching
Robbins, A. Pledged – The secret life of sororities 2004 Higher Education
Ross, C. & Dunphy, J. Strategies for teaching assistant and international teaching assistant development. 2007 Teaching Assistants
Roth, J. Inspiring Teaching 1997 College Teaching
Ryan, K. Evaluating teaching in higher education: A vision for the future 2000 New Directions for Teaching & Learning
Savory, P.; Burnett, A.; Goodburn, A. Inquiry into the College Classroom 2007 Classroom Research/Assessment
Schreiner, L. & Pattengale, J. Visible solutions for invisible students: Helping sophomores succeed 2000 Advising First Year Students
Seaman, B. Binge: What your college student won’t tell you 2005 Higher Education
Seldin Peter The Teaching Portfolio 1997 Faculty Development
Seldin, P. Improving college teaching 1995 College Teaching
Seldin, P. Evaluating faculty performance: A practical guide to assessing teaching, research, and service 2006 Evaluation Faculty
Seldin, P. Changing practices in evaluating teaching 1999 Evaluation Faculty
Seldin, P. Successful use of teaching portfolios 1993 Evaluation Faculty
Seldin, P. The teaching portfolio: A practical guide to improved performance & promotional tenure decisions 1991 Evaluation Faculty
Senge, P. The fifth discipline 1990 Adult Learning
Seyer, P. et al Teaching college freshmen 2000 Advising/First-Year Students
Seymour, El. Partners in Innovation 2005 Teaching Assistants
Sherfield, R. et al Capstone: Succeeding beyond college 2001 Higher Education
Sigsbee, D. et al Approaches to teaching non-native english speakers across the curriculum 1997 New Directions for Teaching & Learning
Silberman, M. Active learning: 101 strategies to teach any subject 1996 College Teaching
Sorcinelli, M. & Elbow, P. Writing to learn: Strategies for assigning and responding to writing across the disciplines 1997 New Directions for Teaching & Learning
Stanley, C. & Porter, M. Engaging large classes: Strategies and techniques for college faculty 2002 Large Classes/Lecturing
Stevens, D. & Levi, A. Introduction to rubrics 2005 Testing/Grading
Suskie, L. Assesssing student learning 2004 Classroom Research/Assessment
Svinicki, M. Honoring exemplary teaching 1996 New Directions for Teaching & Learning
Svinicki, M. Teaching and learning on the edge of the millennium: Building on what we have learned 1999 New Directions for Teaching & Learning
Svinicki, M. Learning and motivation in the postsecondary classroom 2004 College Teaching
Tobias, S. They’re not dumb, they’re different: Stalking the second tier 1990 College Teaching
Twenge, J. Generation Me 2006 Advising/First-Year Students
Upcraft, M. & Gardner, J. The freshmen year experience 1989 Advising First Year Students
Vicker, L. & Royer, H. The complete academic search manual 2006 Teaching Assistants
Walvoord, B. Effective grading 1998 Classroom Research/Assessment
Walvoord, B. Assessment clear and simple 2004 Evaluation General
Weimer, M. Teaching large classes well 1987 New Directions for Teaching & Learning
Weimer, M. Improving your college teaching 1990 College Teaching
Weimer, M. Learner-centered teaching: Five key changes to practice 2002 College Teaching
Weimer, M. Learner-Centered Teaching 2002 College Teaching
White, K. & Weight, B. The online teaching guide 2000 Technology/AV/TV/Distance Learning
Wolf, P.; Hughes, J. Eds Curriculum Developemet in Higher Education 2007 New Directions
Wullf, D. & Austin, A. Paths to the professoriate 2004 Teaching Assistants
Zlotkowski, E. Successful service-learning programs 1998 College Teaching
Zubizarreta, J. The learning portfolio 2004 Active/Collaborative Learning
Zull, J. The art of changing the brain 2002 Learning Styles


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