As the semester is starting, David Gooblar offers us insight this week into the importance of early feedback on students’ work. Early feedback means assessments early in the semester. This feedback can be a key for students to adjust their practices of learning in the class. Gooblar explains that

Those students who felt that they received useful feedback early enough to do something about it were more likely to feel that their interactions with professors in general had a positive effect on their progress. They were also more likely to think that faculty members treated them like individuals. And here’s the best part: The more strongly students agreed with the early feedback statement, the more likely they were to say that they worked harder to meet their instructors’ expectations.


It’s a small sample size, but the implication is clear: If students are given a chance to monitor their progress in a class, they may actually put more effort into that class.

Early in the semester, we can keep in mind that evaluations and accompanying feedback can be crucial for student learning.