McCoy, Sherwin, and Bustillos offer a look into a different teaching approach: the narrative. Their text provides an example of culturally relevant pedagogy. They used a narrative approach to improve campus climate and the success rate of Native American students. Students were involved in cultural activities throughout the year and asked to think about their story and identity through a year long project called the Story Map worksheets.

The Story Map Worksheet helps students take control of their own academic journeys, and it helps SKC faculty and staff identify and provide the best interventions to support students along the way. As students progress through the exercise, they maintain focus on the thoughts, behaviors, choices, and actions that will help them achieve their desired ending. The worksheet prompts students to contemplate several questions related to their own narratives.

The project was established in collaboration with tribe elders in order to make it culturally appropriate. The program had a great impact on students, raising success rates for students in academic probation from 20 to 75 percent.