This week’s posting presents the many resources gathered by Karin Kink on how to motivate students. Kink brings out 8 specific models available at the Vanderbuilt Center for Teaching, which encourages professors to:

  • Make it real by bringing the material back to current events
  • Provide choices, even small scale choices on who to partner with
  • Balance the challenge, by making sure that the level of difficulty is adapted to the student’s current level
  • Seek role models such as invited guest speakers
  • Use peer models by letting diverse students succeed in class
  • Establish a sense of belonging by encouraging participation and being open
  • Adopt a supportive style through support and encouragement of students
  • Strategize with struggling students by showing them how to learn

The piece provides links to many specific resources associated with each technique as well as sources used for the general background on motivating students.