This thoughtful piece by Professor Mark Hofer reminds faculty to spend a little pre-semester time to improve areas of professional life that important and not urgent. He then highlights three web-based resources useful for professional growth. His suggestion for how to get started:

I think the key is to identify some area of personal or professional growth that would enrich your life. Once you’ve identified what you’d like to learn more about, you could begin to explore options. The library or the Web is a great place to start. I strongly suggest finding a mode and format that resonates with you. For me, podcasts are great, because I love to listen while I’m walking or exercising. I love Udemy because of the range of courses and I really enjoy video as a medium for learning. The important thing to remember is that a range of options exist, and you’ll be more likely to follow through if you enjoy the process.

The UD Faculty Commons is another good option. During the Keep Calm and Teach on event held between August 18-27th, there will be several drop-in opportunities to hone a skill or learn something new. And throughout the academic year the First Friday Roundtables on Teaching offer monthly doses of community, inspiration, and information.