In “Students Are Making Demands to Spur Campus Change. What Do They Really Want?,” Maddie Berner notes that students around the country have been demanding changes in their college learning environments. They seek:

  • More diverse students and faculty
  • Safe spaces for marginalized groups
  • Diversity Training, including how to add multicultural content to courses and communicate in a diverse environment
  • Required Courses on Race and Multiculturalism

With other campus units, the University of Delaware’s CTAL is trying to respond to some of these national demands. In an effort to create “safe” classroom spaces, CTAL has begun conversations (TLCs) with faculty about micro-aggressions, stereotype threat, and how to handle difficult conversations. In addition, it will offer a 4 day institute focused on reforming curriculum and pedagogy with an eye to embracing diversity, being more inclusive, and seeking equity.

CTAL also has funded three faculty scholars who conducted research projects on the status of multicultural education requirement at UD and on inclusive teaching practices. Some of this information will help inform General Education reform and the rest will be shared as a model for other faculty.

These efforts display good intent. We hope they yield good, high-quality practices and positively impact student learning.