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Faculty Travel Grant Information


Faculty Travel Grants



All University of Delaware faculty and professional staff who are directly involved with student instruction may apply for Faculty Travel Grants.

Amount and Type of Award

Travel awards of up to $1000 support faculty participation in off-campus workshops or seminars on pedagogy or conferences directly related to teaching. Conferences may be discipline-specific or higher education pedagogy-focused. The purpose of participation must be directly related to improving instruction on the University of Delaware campus. New faculty members (in their first 6 years of a teaching appointment at UD) are eligible for this support whether or not they are presenting a paper or are otherwise "on the conference program." This year's applicants for Faculty Curriculum Development or Academic Program Grant projects may also submit an additional, separate application for a Faculty Travel Grant if a compelling case can be made for how the travel would advance the goals of the project.

Application Process

1.      Download and complete a Travel Grant Application Form
2.      Secure a letter of support from your chair or program director. The letter should confirm that the applicant is eligible to apply for a travel grant and that the travel falls outside the normal scope of the departmental budget.
3.      Merge the application and letter of support documents and submit the merged file as an e-mail attachment to the Center for Teaching & Assessment of Learning at Please note "Instructional Improvement Grant Application" in the subject line.

Proposal Format and Content

Interested faculty should complete a Travel Grant Application Form and submit it to CTAL, as described in the application procedure above. The form will ask for information about the workshop or conference that you will attend and about the purpose and anticipated benefits of attendance, and for an estimated list of expenses.
Budget requests may include costs of travel, lodging, and registration fees to attend workshops, and conferences that are directly related to teaching. The costs should be itemized, with estimations provided if exact costs are not yet available. The budget request should include information about the travel destination, and the number of days of lodging. The costs of meals are excluded. Costs of presenting scholarship or participating in scholarly meetings and research projects are not eligible for Instructional Improvement Grant Program support.

Funding Decisions

Funding decisions will be made within one month of application; award notices will be distributed immediately thereafter. Successful applicants must accept the award in writing within two weeks of receiving notification of a grant. In the case of an acceptance not being acknowledged, CTAL will reallocate the funding attached to the award.

Terms and Conditions of Award

Faculty Travel Award funds must be expended within 12 months from the time they are made available.

Post-Grant Report

Travel awards for faculty conference presentation: the awardee needs to provide documentation of the actual workshop or conference presentation (i.e., relevant pages of a program, an abstract, or the text of a presented paper), with information about the conference title, session, and presentation dates.
Travel awards for faculty professional development in teaching: awardees need to indicate in a 1-page statement how they are planning to incorporate what they have learned at the conference in their teaching and share with colleagues: What big ideas have they gained? How might they include them in their instruction? How do they plan to share these ideas/strategies with their faculty colleagues?