Teaching Resources

The articles, books, and links below are resources about teaching and learning for educators at the University of Delaware. Many of them have been distributed to many new and contingent faculty on a USB drive.

In addition to these materials, there is an online syllabus template. Use this to make sure that your syllabus is ready on the first day.

Resources for the first day

Designing Courses

Applying the Science of Learning to Your Teaching

  • Deans for Impact. (2015). Science of learning. Retrieved from http://www.deansforimpact.org/pdfs/The_Science_of_Learning.pdf
    This brief document uses six simple questions gleaned from years of research into the science of learning to help you craft syllabi, assessments, and activities that engage students and meet your learning outcomes.
  • Benassi, V. A., Overson, C. E., & Hakala, C. M. (2014). Applying science of learning in education: Infusing psychological science into the curriculum. Retrieved from http://teachpsych.org/ebooks/asle2014/index.php
    This edited volume brings together some of the most important research on learning and cognition. It is designed to speak to non-experts and includes examples of real-world applications for your teaching.

CTAL Academic Calendar

  • Working from the university’s official calendar, we have created a handy calendar with important academic dates highlighted. The second page of this pdf has a list of important university teaching and learning resources and URLs.
  • We have also created a one-page document listing the major events that CTAL will be hosting during the fall semester of 2016. Please register for events and let us know if you would like to attend but cannot be physically present in Newark so we can arrange for a Web stream.

Library Resources

Our colleagues in the University Library have also provided the following list of links to resources on their webpage that are of particular interest to UD educators:

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