Current Grantees

2017-2018 Instructional Improvement Grants

  • Julia Bayuk: BUAD 100 – A course revision – Increasing relevancy to the world of business and addressing general education while decreasing student costs
  • Julies Bruck: Evaluate, enhance and assess graphic communication skills in landscape architecture
  • Patricia Sloane-White: Women and Religion: An Interdisciplinary Curriculum
  • Rusty Lee:  Rubrics and Evaluation Standards for e-Portfolios as Capstones
  • Andrea Grim: Implementation of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) into the Flipped Classroom
  • Barret Michalec: Interprofessional Education Faculty Learning Community (IPE FLC)
  • Ann M. Aviles: Project Based Learning and CBO Collaboration as Critical Tools for Student Learning: Cultivating Advocacy and Action to Support the Needs of Families and Communities in Delaware
  • Sujata K. Bhatia: Mindfulness for Inclusivity and Learning Enhancement (MILE): A Faculty Learning Community (FLC)
  • Sheng Lu: Adopt the EDITED Database in Fashion Merchandising Courses to Develop Students’ Quantitative Reasoning, Business Analytics, and Critical Thinking Skills
  • Dustyn Roberts: FLC (E^2)T: A Faculty Learning Community on Effective (and Efficient) Teaching
  • Anthony Middlebrooks: Entrepreneurial Leadership: Open Educational Resources for Cross-College Engagement
  • Barry Joyce: HIST316: Connecting UD campuses through Civic Engagement; Past, Present and Future
  • Martha Carothers: Undergraduate Student Collaboration in Special Collections
  • Sebastian Cioaba: Entrepreneurial Leadership: Open Educational Resources for Cross-College Engagement
  • Claire O’Neal: Developing a comprehensive, custom e-workbook to engage GEOL115 lab students
  • Stephanie Kerschbaum: Scholarly Teaching in a small group

2017-2018 Transformation Grant

  • Christine Cucciarre
  • James Jones

 2017-2018 Peer Mentor Grant

  • Emly Rowe
  • Alexia Mintos

 2017-2018 CTAL Scholars

  • Kelebogile Setiloane
  • D Chanele Moore
  • Emily Davis

2017-2018 Reduce DFW Pilot

  • Elizabeth Leary
  • Emily Rowe
  • Alexia Mintos
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