Current Grantees

 2015-2016 CAT, FLC, and Engaging Difference Grant Recipients

Critical Thinking Assessment Test (CAT) pilot:

In Spring of 2015, a group of UD faculty piloted the CAT and used it to develop course-related activities to deepen their students’ critical thinking skills.

  • Joel Best (Sociology)
  • Beth Morling (Psychology & Brain Sciences)
  • Kelly Cobb (Fashion & Apparel Studies)
  • Alden Snell (Music)
  • Nina Straitman (Linguistics & Cognitive Science)

Faculty Learning Community (FLC):

This Faculty Learning Community met monthly during the academic year to develop approaches to combining online and face-to-face teaching strategies for their courses.

  • Ellen Monk (B&E Accounting & MIS)
  • Jennifer Clair Nauen (Biological Sciences)
  • Amanda Jansen (Education)
  • Lynnette Overby  (Theatre)
  • Chris Penna (English)
  • Asima SaadMaura  (FLL-Spanish)
  • Dustyn Roberts (ME)

Engaging Difference:

Eleven faculty from various departments worked together to understand and apply culturally inclusive teaching strategies. They attended special sessions of the Faculty Summer Institute in June 2015, modified syllabi and pedagogical approaches during the summer, and met monthly over the academic year to share and learn from their adjustments.

  • Rosalie Dow (College of Education)
  • Jessica Edwards (English)
  • Jill Flynn (English)
  • Jennifer Graber (Nursing)
  • Stefanie Hansen (Theatre)
  • Lindsay Hoffman (Communication)
  • Caitlin Larracey (English)
  • Claire McCabe (English)
  • Oyenike Olabisi (Biological Sciences)
  • Hannah Kim (History)
  • Delice Williams (English)

2015-2016 Travel Grants

  • Dawn Berk (Mathematical Sciences): Attend PKAL Sumemr Leadership Institute in adamstown, MD
  • Karl Unruh (Physics and Astronomy): TOPAS software package in Madison, WI
  • Sheng Lu (Fashion & Apparel Studies): Case Method Teaching Seminar Part 1
  • Tracey Holden (Communications): National Communication Association Annual Convention in Las Vegas, NV
  • Elizabeth Soslau (School of Education): American Educational Research Association , Washington, DC
  • Jill Flynn (English): American Educational Research Association , Washington, DC
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